Telekom Teams Up with Ivanti to Strengthen Cybersecurity Solutions for Businesses

Telekom offers companies a new solution against hackers. The company is now cooperating with security specialist Ivanti. Ivanti’s latest software automatically detects and closes security gaps. © DTAG/Getty/Nikada/solarseven/imagedepotpro/blackdovfx/deepblue4you; Fotomontage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

(IN BRIEF) Telekom has partnered with security specialist Ivanti to provide companies with an enhanced cybersecurity solution. Ivanti’s advanced software automatically detects and addresses security vulnerabilities, allowing customers to save valuable time when applying patches. With the increasing number of software vulnerabilities identified each year, prompt patching becomes crucial in fending off hackers. The collaboration aims to address this challenge by offering a comprehensive program package that includes Ivanti’s Neurons automation platform. This platform enables efficient detection and inventorying of corporate IT infrastructure, providing businesses with a faster and more streamlined approach to cybersecurity. By utilizing this Telekom solution, companies can protect a wide range of end devices without the need for additional software licenses. The partnership aims to bolster cybersecurity measures and defend against potential attacks, emphasizing the importance of timely patching to prevent costly security breaches.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 7-Jun-2023 — /EuropaWire/ —  Deutsche Telekom (ETR: DTE), one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies and the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue, is collaborating with security specialist Ivanti to provide companies with a new defense against hackers. Ivanti’s cutting-edge software automatically identifies and addresses security vulnerabilities, saving customers valuable time when applying patches. In 2021, the German Federal Office for Information Security reported a ten percent increase in software vulnerabilities compared to the previous year.

The importance of patching in maintaining security cannot be overstated. According to a study by the Rand Corporation, attackers exploit known vulnerabilities within an average of just 22 days. However, many companies take more than a hundred days to patch these vulnerabilities, leaving them exposed to potential attacks.

The proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones, watches, laptops, and tablets poses an additional challenge in closing security gaps. Determining the models and operating system versions used by employees becomes crucial, as every unattended device becomes a potential gateway for hackers. However, few companies have the necessary resources to promptly address these vulnerabilities and fortify their systems against attackers.

Thomas Tschersich, Chief Security Officer at Deutsche Telekom and CEO Telekom Security, says: “Cyber criminals determine the moment, type and target of the attack. With automation, we counter them and save time. The software looks: Where is the greatest risk? And then passes this information to the patch system before someone sneaks through the crack in the door.”

Günter Mayer, vice president of carrier international at Ivanti, says, “New attack techniques and ever-faster attacks are a challenge for corporate security. Our Ivanti Neurons platform therefore continuously detects security risks. And it fixes them even before users find out about them. Current threats like ransomware cause massive economic damage.”

Neglecting timely patching can have severe consequences, as demonstrated by the WannaCry attack in 2017. The ransomware infected 200,000 computers in 150 countries, causing damages estimated to range from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. The attack could have been prevented with a patch, but many failed to install it. Similarly, the ransomware attack on the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district administration last October resulted in severely limited or non-functional citizen services for 207 days.

Telekom’s partnership with Ivanti includes the Neurons automation platform, which streamlines the detection and inventorying of corporate IT infrastructure. This process, which typically takes days, is completed in minutes with the program. Telekom business customers can leverage Ivanti’s solutions to secure a wide range of end devices. The program package is offered as part of Telekom’s paid service, eliminating the need for additional software licenses and invoices.

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