Exclusive: Jayda G’s Virtual DJ Gig Comes to Life in Roblox’s ‘Floating Forest’ by Telekom Electronic Beats

‘Floating Forest’ of Telekom Electronic Beats on Roblox. © Deutsche Telekom

(IN BRIEF) TEB, a part of Deutsche Telekom’s “Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom” campaign, has introduced “Floating Forest” in Roblox’s virtual club, Beatland, on August 28th. This innovative addition offers users a combination of gaming and music, featuring an exclusive DJ set by GRAMMY-nominated artist Jayda G. The highlight is a virtual dance floor designed for Jayda G’s performance, encouraging players to create and mix tracks. Throughout the month, “Floating Forest” will unveil weekly sustainability-themed activities. Players can earn exclusive virtual merchandise by participating and gain access to Jayda G’s pop-up DJ gigs from September 29 to October 1. Beatland, with over 17 million visitors since its launch last year, hosts around 10,000 daily users for an average stay of eleven minutes. Jayda G, known for her music and environmental engagement, leads the campaign “Summer of Joy,” aimed at supporting the youth amidst challenges. The campaign includes access to renowned festivals and curated music events across Europe.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 28-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ —  Deutsche Telekom (ETR: DTE), one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies and the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue, announces that Telekom Electronic Beats (TEB), a part of Deutsche Telekom’s immersive campaign “Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom,” is launching “Floating Forest” on August 28th within the virtual realm of Roblox’s iconic club, Beatland. This exciting addition brings a unique blend of gaming innovation and musical euphoria to users, featuring an exclusive DJ performance by the acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated music producer and collaborator of the ‘Summer of Joy,’ Jayda G.

The centerpiece of this expansion is a captivating virtual dance floor meticulously designed to amplify Jayda G’s electrifying DJ set. This platform encourages players to unleash their creativity by crafting and blending their own musical tracks, fostering an interactive and communal atmosphere within the virtual world of Beatland. In a stunning transformation, Roblox’s virtual islands will metamorphose into lush, blooming landscapes, trailing through the skies via jetpacks.

For an entire month, “Floating Forest” will introduce new activities every week, centered around themes of sustainability. These activities will inspire participants to engage in eco-conscious actions like reforestation efforts, seed collection, and waste reduction. As an incentive, players who participate will receive Verch items, virtual merchandise products, granting them exclusive access to join Jayda G’s event.

The much-anticipated pop-up DJ gigs are scheduled from September 29 to October 1, offering global accessibility to music enthusiasts everywhere. Each gig, spanning approximately 20 minutes, promises an unforgettable auditory journey with Jayda G at the helm.

Beatland: A Resounding Success Story

Since its inception in April of the previous year, Beatland has witnessed an impressive footfall of over 17 million visitors. With around 10,000 daily users gracing the virtual club, the average stay duration clocks in at an engaging eleven minutes, attesting to the captivating experience that Beatland has been consistently delivering.

Introducing Jayda G

Renowned as a Canadian house music producer, DJ, and environmental toxicologist, Jayda G stands as the face of Deutsche Telekom’s current campaign “Summer of Joy.” She garnered a nomination for Best Electronic Dance Record at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for her track “Both Of Us.” Adding to her accolades, she recently unveiled her second album, ‘Guy,’ via Ninja Tune, and her remixes for top-tier artists like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa have gained widespread acclaim.

Embracing the Spirit of “Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom”

Jayda G’s virtual performance in Beatland marks the culmination of Deutsche Telekom’s campaign tailored for the Gen Z demographic. Youth today face multifaceted challenges encompassing economic, environmental, educational, and societal spheres. In solidarity with the younger generation, Deutsche Telekom is dedicated to providing moments of cultural brilliance that encapsulate the true essence of youth. By orchestrating diverse musical experiences across Europe, Deutsche Telekom serves as a conduit for young individuals to explore the vibrant spectrum of youth culture.

The “Summer of Joy” initiative opens doors to some of Europe’s most esteemed festivals, including Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Ohrid Calling (North Macedonia), INOTA Festival (Hungary), and more. Moreover, it grants exclusive access to a selection of curated open-air events and club nights, meticulously hosted by the globally recognized music program, Electronic Beats.

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