Terna publishes final data on Italian electricity consumption using new classification used by ISTAT and compliant at the European level

Terna publishes final data on Italian electricity consumption using new classification used by ISTAT and compliant at the European level

Better data quality and transparency: 750 product sectors analysed

(PRESS RELEASE) ROME, 5-Jan-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Europe’s first grid operator for electricity transmission Terna announces that is has completed the new classification of Italian electricity consumption data. Publishing an even more accurate, up-to-date and detailed electricity consumption data, in compliance with the classification used by ISTAT and what is defined at the European level, Terna confirms its increasing transparency towards stakeholders.

The final data on Italian electricity consumption, published by Terna, are broken down by economic activity, including details by province. What’s new is that the reclassification of the data was done by associating distributors’ customers with the new ATECO 2007 product code, rather than the previous ATECUE95.

This project makes it possible for Terna to publish Italy’s electricity consumption data with more detail and accuracy than ever before, thanks to the identification of 750 product codes, compared to 125 for the previous classification. In fact, the data will now be more detailed also for the classes that were once aggregated. For the Industry sector, there are the Pharmaceutical (previously lumped in with the Chemical sector), Publishing (previously in Paper) and Waste Cycle (previously in Tertiary) classes. For the Services sector (previously in Tertiary), we have the Health and Education classes.

Representing Italy’s electricity consumption data in this new way will also allow for easier comparison, including internationally. Thus, Terna continues to be committed to greater transparency and data disclosure, skills and knowledge of the Italian electricity system, relevant for a large population and easy and quick to access.

With the new classification, the comparison with previous years is only possible for the Agriculture, Industry, Services and Domestic macrosectors, and not completely, since, as mentioned, some activities have changed sector with the new classification, which has therefore led to a necessary interruption in the historical data.

Considering the project’s complexity and, in particular, the exceptional nature of the period in which it was processed, the numbers published on the site https://www.terna.it/en/electric-system/statistical-data-forecast may be amended as the process of verifying the quality of the data continues.

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