Terna: June electricity consumption in Italy dropped by 0.8% compared to same month last year

ROME, 9-7-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — In June 2014, the electricity required in Italy, equal to 25.9 billion kWh, dropped by 0.8%, compared to June of last year.

Without the effects of the temperature, the variation in the electricity demand for June is -1.3%. Compared to the same month last year, considering the same number of working days (20), the average monthly temperature was about 1° centigrade higher.

The 25.9 billion kWh required for the month of June 2014 were distributed 47.1% in the North, 29.1% in the Center, and 23.8% in the South.

At the territorial level, the variation in electricity demand in June was negative all over the country: -0.5% in the North, -1.3% in Central Italy and -1.0% in the South. In June 2014, the electricity demand was met for 88.3% with the national production and for the remaining part (11.7%) with the balance of electricity exchanged with foreign countries. More in details, the net national production (23.1 billion kWh) dropped by 0.4% compared to June 2013. Thermal (+1.1%), geothermal (+6.7%) and photovoltaic (+2.0%) energy production increased, while hydroelectric (-3.4%) and wind power (-9.7%) energy production dropped.

The short-term profile for June 2014 showed a seasonally adjusted variation in electricity demand compared to the previous month equal to +0.5%. The trend profile is once again decreasing.

In the first six months of 2014 the electricity demand decreased by 3.0% compared to the same period of 2013; based on the same number of days, this figure equals -2.8%.

The detailed analysis of provisional 2014 and 2013 monthly electricity demand is available in the publication “Rapporto Mensile sul Sistema Elettrico”, (Italian version only) under the section “Sistema elettrico >> Dispacciamento >>Dati esercizio” at www.terna.it

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