European electric grids: RTE and Terna CEOs sign MoU to intensify technical cooperation in various fields, based on many years of shared experiences

  • France and Italy strengthen cooperation on know-how and operation of European electric grids

Paris, Rome, 26-8-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Dominique Maillard and Matteo Del Fante, respectively CEO of RTE and Terna, operators of the two largest European electricity transmission networks (105,000 km for RTE and 63,900 km for Terna) – have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to intensify technical cooperation in various fields, based on many years of shared experiences.

Whilst they have recently started implementation works of the Savoy-Piedmont interconnector, they will increase their joint efforts for the development of electricity transmission infrastructures in the Continental Europe Central South Region and for the design of the future European electricity system.

RTE and Terna will also enhance collaboration on data exchanges and coordination of power system operation, for which they already are key partners in the CORESO regional initiative.

They will also, among other thematic areas, share their experiences on the training of highly specialized personnel required by the growing complexity of the European interconnected system.

“The cooperation among Transmission System Operators – stated RTE’s CEO Dominique Maillard – is crucial for the good integration of the European Regions as well as the Mediterranean shores. By signing this agreement, RTE and Terna reaffirm their willingness to collaborate with the common aim to contribute to the construction of a reliable, competitive and forward oriented European power system.”

“This agreement – stated Terna’s CEO Matteo Del Fante – is a further step in the effective cooperation that has been connecting Terna and its French counterpart for many years and beyond the geographical borders. The importance of the Memorandum also lies in its essential European perspective, as it covers all the main issues of the continental electric system’s future, in which power grids will have an increasingly central role for the full integration of renewable generation and greater energy independence at an European level”

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