Daily Archives: 5, February 2024

Rheinmetall’s Advanced 40-mm Ammunition to Elevate Bundeswehr’s Combat Effectiveness

(IN BRIEF) Rheinmetall Secures €30 Million Bundeswehr Contract for 40-mm Ammunition The German Bundeswehr has awarded Rheinmetall two significant contracts, totaling approximately €30 million, for the supply of 40-mm ammunition. The orders consist of around tens of thousands of programmable … Read the full press release

SEB Maintains Dominance as Nordic Sustainability Advisor

(IN BRIEF) SEB has been ranked as the top sustainability advisor for large companies and financial institutions in the Nordics for the fourth consecutive year. The ranking covers Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the overall Nordic region. Prospera’s Sustainability Advisor 2023 … Read the full press release

ASFINAG’s Austrian Toll Products Now Available via Tolltickets’ Online Portal

(IN BRIEF) tolltickets has expanded its digital toll product offerings by partnering with ASFINAG, increasing its sales network for toll services in Europe. Customers can now access ASFINAG toll products, including 1-day and 10-day vignettes, as well as individual tickets … Read the full press release

Deloitte Tapped as Potential Auditor for ING from 2026 Onward

ING Repurchases Nearly 1.7 Million Shares, Demonstrating Progress in Buyback Initiative

(IN BRIEF) ING Group has announced its intention to nominate Deloitte Accountants BV as its external auditor for a four-year term starting on January 1, 2026, subject to approval at the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. This decision is … Read the full press release

Circular Mobility: Orange Business’ Comprehensive Solution to Reduce Telecom Carbon Impact

(IN BRIEF) Orange Business has launched “Circular Mobility,” an initiative aimed at reducing the carbon footprint associated with telecom usage. This offering covers various aspects of the mobile fleet lifecycle, including equipment, connectivity, and services, and incorporates sustainable mobile phones, … Read the full press release