KUKA and Swisslog Showcase AI Advancements in Robotics and Logistics, Addressing Challenges in Automation

KUKA and Swisslog Showcase AI Advancements in Robotics and Logistics, Addressing Challenges in Automation

(IN BRIEF) KUKA and Swisslog recently highlighted advancements in AI integration for robotics and logistics during a virtual press conference. KUKA showcased an AI chatbot simplifying robot programming through voice commands, while Swisslog presented ItemPiQ, an AI-driven robot enhancing product recognition and picking accuracy. Both companies emphasized challenges such as ensuring AI reliability and adaptability across varying operational conditions. Their innovations aim to improve automation efficiency and reliability in industrial settings.

(PRESS RELEASE) AUGSBURG, 27-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — In a recent virtual press conference, KUKA and Swisslog showcased their advancements in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their respective automation solutions, emphasizing the practical applications and ongoing challenges in this rapidly evolving field.

KUKA, renowned for its expertise in robotics, highlighted their AI-driven chatbot designed to simplify robot programming. Roland Ritter, Platform Program Manager Simulation at KUKA, explained the development of an AI chatbot capable of translating voice commands into precise programming code for tasks such as component handling and assembly. While the AI can generate code in a simulated environment, transferring it directly to robot controllers is still considered risky, necessitating verification by the robot’s digital twin for error-free operation.

Crucially, Ritter noted that despite extensive training with vast amounts of programming data using KUKA’s proprietary language, KRL, the effectiveness of AI models doesn’t uniformly improve with more data. Achieving optimal training quality remains a critical balance as they prepare to deploy the AI chatbot for customer feedback.

Meanwhile, Swisslog, specializing in intralogistics solutions, showcased their AI model, ItemPiQ, designed to enhance product recognition and picking accuracy. Niklas Goddemeier, Head of Research & Development at Swisslog’s Robogistic Product Center, highlighted how their AI can identify and differentiate between various products, crucial for error-free order fulfillment in industries like food retail and pharmaceuticals.

Goddemeier underscored the collaborative synergy of AI, cameras, and robotics in Swisslog’s ItemPiQ system, which autonomously adjusts its gripper to handle diverse packaging formats. However, the challenge of continuous learning for AI systems, particularly in adapting to seasonal variations like packaging differences between summer and winter, remains a focal point for ongoing development.

Both companies affirmed their commitment to leveraging AI to enhance automation accessibility and operational efficiency, reflecting broader industry efforts to integrate AI technologies effectively into industrial processes.

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