KUKA Celebrates 125 Years of Shaping the Future of Work with Automation and Robotics

KUKA Celebrates 125 Years of Shaping the Future of Work with Automation and Robotics

(IN BRIEF) KUKA, an international technology group, is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The company was founded in 1898 as an acetylene gas plant for street lighting, and has since reinvented itself multiple times. KUKA made history 50 years ago as a robotics pioneer with the world’s first industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes, and has continued to innovate in automation, digitalization, and robotics. The company is celebrating this milestone with customers, partners, and employees.

(PRESS RELEASE) AUGSBURG, 7-Apr-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Circular knitting machines, garbage vehicles, travel typewriters: over the decades, KUKA has repeatedly reinvented itself completely, so that 125 years after its founding, only the telegram abbreviation “Keller und Knappich Augsburg”, or KUKA for short, reminds us of the company’s beginnings in Augsburg.

Exactly 50 years ago, KUKA made history as a robotics pioneer with the world’s first industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes – and since then has been making work and production more economical and easier with innovations in automation, digitalization, and robotics.

Today, 15,000 dedicated KUKA employees around the globe are driving innovations in a wide variety of industries, even outside of the classic industry with intuitive solutions and quick and easy access to robotics and automation. That is our mission for the coming years. Peter Mohnen, CEO KUKA Group

Congratulations on the birthday

Timo Boll, world-class table tennis player and KUKA brand ambassador, also gratificates: “I have been a KUKAn for ten years now. Since then, we have had a lot in common: in robotics, as in table tennis, creativity and filigree work are in de-mand, we both and together like to move on Chinese territory and have been among the world’s best for many years. What has always been important to me, despite my many successes, is to remain a human being. And that’s why at KUKA, as a technology freak, it’s not just the robotics that excite me, but especially the people behind them, who, whenever I meet them, approach me with warmth, cordiality, humanity. That’s why I’m a KUKAn by conviction.”

Helping to shape a changing world

Climate change, skills shortages, global megatrends, and events are constantly changing our world. New technologies and innovation are helping us to master the challenges of a changing world. In keeping with this, KUKA is celebrating its anniversary under the motto “Keep on Moving” with numerous events and activi-ties for employees, customers, partners, and the public.

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