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Driving the Future: Bosch and Microsoft Collaborate to Pioneer Generative AI for Advanced Automotive Safety

(IN BRIEF) Bosch, during the Bosch Connected World 2024 conference, announced plans to integrate generative AI into vehicle systems to enhance automated driving capabilities. This initiative aims to improve road safety by enabling vehicles to better assess dynamic road scenarios … Read the full press release

The latest on quantum computing in Europe, January 2023 – February 2024

(IN BRIEF) Europe has made significant progress in quantum computing with investments, partnerships, and innovations. Highlights include a €3.5 million investment in LioniX International by the University of Twente, and T-Systems offering cloud access to IBM’s quantum systems. Other developments … Read the full press release

Nokia Unveils MX Workmate: AI-Powered Tools Enhance Industrial Workflows

(IN BRIEF) Nokia launches MX Workmate, a suite of tools for industrial workers, leveraging AI to improve man-machine interaction. MX Workmate facilitates real-time communication, enhances worker safety, and boosts productivity in OT environments. The solution addresses workforce shortages and stringent … Read the full press release


(IN BRIEF) From Bonn to Bilbao, Europe’s AI scene is buzzing with innovation. Major players like Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, and Volkswagen are pushing boundaries through groundbreaking partnerships and integrations. Projects like NextGen are personalizing therapies using AI, while collaborations between … Read the full press release

Vodafone Business Presents Cutting-Edge Hospitality Solutions at FiturTechY 2024

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone Business, in collaboration with tech partners Eviden, Fractalia, and EcoMT, showcased innovative solutions at FiturTechY in Madrid, aimed at revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Among the highlights was a virtual assistant powered by Generative AI, acting as a … Read the full press release

Accenture Report Urges Business Leaders to Scale Generative AI by Redesigning Processes and Prioritizing Worker Well-Being

(IN BRIEF) Accenture’s latest report, “Work, workforce, workers: Reinvented in the age of generative AI,” emphasizes the need for business leaders to expand their focus beyond the impact of generative AI on specific tasks and roles. Instead, they should concentrate … Read the full press release

Vodafone to Invest $1.5 Billion in Cloud and AI Services in Collaboration with Microsoft

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone and Microsoft have announced a 10-year strategic partnership aimed at transforming customer experiences and fostering business growth in Europe and Africa. The collaboration includes leveraging Microsoft’s generative AI to enhance customer engagement, expanding Vodafone’s IoT platform, creating … Read the full press release

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Hyper-Personalized User Experience and Innovative Entertainment at CES 2024

(IN BRIEF) Mercedes-Benz unveils a series of digital advancements and collaborations at CES 2024, focusing on delivering a hyper-personalized user experience in their vehicles. The key highlight is the MBUX Virtual Assistant, powered by generative AI and advanced 3D graphics, … Read the full press release

CES 2024: Mercedes-Benz Unveils MBUX Virtual Assistant with Generative AI for Hyper-Personalized In-Car Experience

(IN BRIEF) Mercedes-Benz unveils its new MBUX Virtual Assistant powered by generative AI, transforming the car-driver relationship with natural conversation. This development, showcased at CES 2024, brings a more natural and intuitive interface to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, allowing for proactive support … Read the full press release

Siemens at CES 2024: Bridging Reality and the Metaverse with Immersive Engineering and Generative AI

(IN BRIEF) Siemens has unveiled innovations at CES 2024 that aim to enable the industrial metaverse, bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds. The company announced partnerships with Sony and AWS to introduce immersive engineering solutions and make … Read the full press release

Siemens and AWS Partner to Bring Generative AI to Software Development for All Industries

(IN BRIEF) Siemens and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to democratize generative AI in software development. Siemens will integrate Amazon Bedrock, which offers high-performing AI models, into its low-code platform, Mendix. This partnership aims to empower domain experts across … Read the full press release

Bosch Implements Generative AI for Rapid Scaling of AI Solutions in Manufacturing

(IN BRIEF) Bosch, a global technology leader, is piloting generative AI and foundation models in its manufacturing plants. These technologies create synthetic images to develop and scale AI solutions for optical inspection and optimize existing AI models. The aim is … Read the full press release

Generative AI Threatens White Collar Jobs More Than Blue Collar Jobs, Finds Pearson Research

(IN BRIEF) Pearson, a leading learning company, has conducted research revealing that white collar jobs are more vulnerable to the impact of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) than blue collar jobs. The study focused on over 5,000 jobs across five countries … Read the full press release

Executives Embrace Sustainability as Climate Disasters Drive Business Case, but Investment Remains Key, Capgemini Report Finds

(IN BRIEF) A new report from the Capgemini Research Institute, titled ‘A World in Balance 2023,’ reveals a significant shift in executive perceptions of the business case for sustainability, with three times more executives now recognizing its importance compared to … Read the full press release

Bosch Ventures and Partners Invest Over $500 Million in AI Startup Aleph Alpha to Advance Generative AI

(IN BRIEF) Bosch Ventures, in collaboration with the Schwarz Group and the Innovation Park AI (Ipai), is leading a Series B investment round in the AI startup Aleph Alpha, raising more than $500 million in funding. This funding will enable … Read the full press release

NatWest Enhances Virtual Assistant ‘Cora’ with Generative AI for Improved Customer Engagement

NatWest Survey: UK Regional Business Activity Slows in July 2023, Employment Holds Steady while Inflation Trends Vary

(IN BRIEF) NatWest, in collaboration with IBM, has announced updates to its virtual assistant, Cora, utilizing generative AI to provide customers with an expanded range of information through conversational interactions. This innovation makes NatWest one of the first banks in … Read the full press release

SAP Deepens Commitment to AI Innovation through Investments in Leading Generative AI Companies Aleph Alpha, Anthropic, and Cohere

(IN BRIEF) SAP has announced strategic direct investments in three generative AI companies, namely Aleph Alpha GmbH, Anthropic PBC, and Cohere. These investments align with SAP’s open ecosystem approach to AI and complement their $1+ billion commitment to invest in … Read the full press release

Salesforce and Accenture Join Forces to Enhance AI-Powered Customer Service Interactions

(IN BRIEF) Salesforce has announced a partnership with Accenture to establish a hub for generative artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the deployment of its Einstein GPT AI solution for customer relationship management (CRM). The companies will work together to develop … Read the full press release