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AI Innovation in Healthcare: Wolters Kluwer Introduces UpToDate®-Powered AI Labs

(IN BRIEF) Wolters Kluwer Health introduces AI Labs, a Clinical Generative AI (GenAI) initiative powered by UpToDate®, its trusted clinical decision support solution. AI Labs gains access to UpToDate’s comprehensive clinical content and is made available to over 100 U.S. … Read the full press release

Mistral AI Advances AI Accessibility: Unveils Mistral Large and Mistral Small Language Models, Integration with Azure Platform

(IN BRIEF) Mistral AI, an AI company, has introduced Mistral Large, its latest advanced language model, offering top-tier reasoning capabilities and multilingual proficiency. It’s now accessible through Azure, in addition to their platform. They’ve also launched Mistral Small, optimized for … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Unveils AI Smartphone Concept at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom, in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Brain.ai, unveils a revolutionary AI smartphone concept at MWC 2024. Departing from traditional app-centric models, the device features a digital assistant powered by AI, serving as a personalized concierge … Read the full press release

Nokia Unveils MX Workmate: AI-Powered Tools Enhance Industrial Workflows

(IN BRIEF) Nokia launches MX Workmate, a suite of tools for industrial workers, leveraging AI to improve man-machine interaction. MX Workmate facilitates real-time communication, enhances worker safety, and boosts productivity in OT environments. The solution addresses workforce shortages and stringent … Read the full press release

Global Telco AI Alliance: SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom Collaborate on Language Model

(IN BRIEF) SK Telecom (SKT) and Deutsche Telekom have teamed up to create a specialized language model for digital customer service assistants in the telecommunications industry. This collaboration is part of the “Global Telco AI Alliance” initiative, and they plan … Read the full press release