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The European companies at MWC Barcelona 2024: AI, 5G, VR, XR, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Entertainment, etc.

(IN BRIEF) At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024, European companies showcased a wide array of innovations and strategic partnerships that underscored their commitment to driving digital transformation and enhancing connectivity across various sectors. The key topics discussed by … Read the full press release

Telefónica Movistar Extends Support for Movistar KOI eSports Team at MWC

(IN BRIEF) During the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Telefónica Movistar announced its commitment to continue supporting the Movistar KOI eSports team for three more years, marking a decade of involvement in eSports since its pioneering entry into the field. Movistar … Read the full press release

Orange MEA Partners with Tencent Cloud to Enhance Max it Super-App Ecosystem

(IN BRIEF) Orange Middle East & Africa (OMEA) has forged a strategic alliance with Tencent Cloud, the cloud arm of global tech giant Tencent, to enhance its super-app Max it and expand its service offerings across the Middle East and … Read the full press release

Telefónica Partners with Fini Company for Extensive Digital Transformation

(IN BRIEF) At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Telefónica announced a strategic partnership with the Fini Company, Spain and Brazil’s leading candy manufacturer, aiming to revolutionize their operations through digitalization over the next three years. Dubbed ‘Fini360º Digitization,’ the project … Read the full press release

Telefónica and Ericsson Unveil the Technological Marvels Behind Lang Lang’s Unforgettable Concert Experience

(IN BRIEF) At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Telefónica and Ericsson divulged the technical intricacies behind the groundbreaking concert featuring Chinese pianist Lang Lang at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Leveraging the power of 5G technology, the event … Read the full press release

Vodafone and Broadcom’s Collaborative Effort to Optimize Network Performance at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone and Broadcom, showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2024, present a collaborative solution aimed at enhancing network performance amidst the proliferation of bandwidth-consuming short video clips. By leveraging innovative technology co-developed by both companies, content providers can … Read the full press release

Telefónica Chairman Highlights Industry Transformation and Collaborative Vision at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica, addresses the Mobile World Congress, reflecting on the transformative vision realized within the industry over the past year, particularly with the widespread adoption of Open Gateway. He underscores the collaborative efforts among … Read the full press release

Telefónica Redefines Sports Experience with ‘Telefónica Open Gateway’ Demo at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Telefónica introduces the ‘Telefónica Open Gateway’ demo, showcasing an innovative way to experience sports through immersive virtual reality (VR) technology powered by Open Gateway APIs. Partnering with YBVR, a leading VR company … Read the full press release

Telefónica Unveils ‘Smart Industry: Leading the Change’ Demo at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) Telefónica showcases its technological prowess at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 with the unveiling of the ‘Smart Industry: Leading the Change’ demo. This comprehensive demonstration highlights Telefónica’s capabilities in digitizing and automating industrial processes using advanced technologies such … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Showcases “Connecting your world” Promise at MWC 2024 with AI Premiere and Soccer Excitement

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom’s presence at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 revolves around its brand claim “Connecting your world,” emphasizing innovation, entertainment, and brand immersion. At the heart of their exhibit is “Telekom Super Soccer,” an interactive 3D LED installation … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Unveils AI Smartphone Concept at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom, in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Brain.ai, unveils a revolutionary AI smartphone concept at MWC 2024. Departing from traditional app-centric models, the device features a digital assistant powered by AI, serving as a personalized concierge … Read the full press release

trinamiX Unveils Innovative Sensing Solutions for Consumer Electronics and Automotive at MWC 2024

(IN BRIEF) trinamiX GmbH is showcasing its Face Authentication with liveness detection technology for smartphones and vehicles, offering a secure and convenient method to protect devices and data. The solution even detects realistic three-dimensional masks, ensuring user privacy without compromising … Read the full press release