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Cybersecurity across Europe in the last quarter: Post-Quantum Cryptography, 6G Network and Cloud Security

(IN BRIEF) In the last quarter (1 Dec 2023 – 1 Mar 2024), Europe’s cybersecurity scene was marked by significant strides, with Thales and Ericsson leading initiatives to enhance digital security. Thales’ TrustNest R-Cloud received European Restricted certification, bolstering secure … Read the full press release

Thales’ TrustNest R-Cloud Secures European Restricted Certification: Enhancing Collaboration on Sensitive Data Projects

(IN BRIEF) Thales’ TrustNest R-Cloud achieves a significant milestone with its approval for European Restricted certification by ANSSI, enabling the use of its cloud solution for major European projects involving sensitive data across EU Member States. The certification expands the … Read the full press release