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Cybersecurity across Europe in the last quarter: Post-Quantum Cryptography, 6G Network and Cloud Security

(IN BRIEF) In the last quarter (1 Dec 2023 – 1 Mar 2024), Europe’s cybersecurity scene was marked by significant strides, with Thales and Ericsson leading initiatives to enhance digital security. Thales’ TrustNest R-Cloud received European Restricted certification, bolstering secure … Read the full press release

The latest on quantum computing in Europe, January 2023 – February 2024

(IN BRIEF) Europe has made significant progress in quantum computing with investments, partnerships, and innovations. Highlights include a €3.5 million investment in LioniX International by the University of Twente, and T-Systems offering cloud access to IBM’s quantum systems. Other developments … Read the full press release

European Commission Approves Quantum Key Distribution Infrastructure for Enhanced Cybersecurity

(IN BRIEF) The European Commission has awarded a consortium led by Deutsche Telekom, named “Nostradamus,” the task of constructing testing infrastructure for quantum key distribution (QKD). This initiative will facilitate the evaluation of QKD devices from European manufacturers, a crucial … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Leads Consortium to Advance Quantum Security in Europe

(IN BRIEF) The European Commission has initiated a 10-year strategic partnership led by Deutsche Telekom, called “Nostradamus,” to build a quantum key distribution (QKD) testing infrastructure. This infrastructure will evaluate QKD devices from European manufacturers and support the development of … Read the full press release