German Brand Awards honored Deutsche Telekom’s exemplary brand management, sustainable campaigns, and outstanding marketing projects

German Brand Awards honored Deutsche Telekom’s exemplary brand management, sustainable campaigns, and outstanding marketing projects

  • Liquid Brand Design and Magenta Moon receive top award
  • Consistent brand management and campaign communications seal win
  • Further prizes for flagship store in Stuttgart, “Mehr Magenta” customer magazine, and Deutsche Telekom Stiftung’s annual report

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 11-Jun-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Deutsche Telekom (ETR: DTE), one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, has announced that one of Germany’s most important brand prizes the German Brand Awards has honored its exemplary brand management, sustainable campaigns, and outstanding marketing projects. The experts are honoring the “Liquid Brand Design” design concept and the “Magenta Moon Campus” educational initiative with its highest accolade today – both as “Best of Best” in the “Brand Innovation of the Year” and “Brand Experience of the Year” categories. Deutsche Telekom is receiving additional prizes for its flagship store in Stuttgart (Gold, Winner) and the “Mehr Magenta” [More Magenta] customer magazine (Winner). Deutsche Telekom Stiftung will be taking home the winner award for its excellent 2019/20 annual report.

The German Brand Institute and German Design Council are coming together for the sixth time to highlight outstanding brand achievements. Deutsche Telekom is the only company to receive the highest accolade, Best of Best, in two different categories at the same time. With a total of eight prizes, it is the most successful company recognized in the renowned competition. “Best of Best – there’s no beating that. This success once again underlines the power of integrated brand and marketing communications, combined with essential benefits for people,” says Uli Klenke, Deutsche Telekom Chief Brand Officer. “Liquid Design offers an agile and future-oriented framework to provide the best possible brand experience at all contact points. The Magenta Moon Campus and our experience shops are excellent examples of this. They strengthen our brand as a trusted symbol for digital participation and what connects people.”

Deutsche Telekom is taking the next big step in the brand’s targeted development with Liquid Brand Design. Flexible, vibrant, and future-oriented, the new design strengthens the brand’s core elements and enables a whole new level of creativity. The “T” logo, magenta color, and further developed font are visual constants in the new brand design. The elements have been optimized in order to guarantee optimal representation of the brand at all customer contact points. The design concept was developed by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with MetaDesign, Düsseldorf.

With the Magenta Moon Campus in fall 2020 in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom provided information on media literacy in an intuitive and fun manner. At the center itself was the Magenta Moon Garden, a hybrid, immersive world. Through workshops, presentations, and talks, visitors gained insights into diverse digital worlds. They discussed topics such as digital responsibility, sustainability, and innovations. With the long-term initiative, Deutsche Telekom would like to make equal digital participation and education available to all – irrespective of age, gender, or social background.

Creating an experience for all the senses

“Deutsche Telekom successfully turned the requirements for innovative and modern technology into an experience for all the senses,” explains the jury. “What’s more, with Liquid Brand Design Deutsche Telekom has bid farewell to any kind of rigidity and demonstrated this with a fantastic 360° design. It is both creative and flexible like never before and perfectly suited to adapt to any branding situation and create dynamic immersive experiences without losing the brand’s identity.”

Deutsche Telekom received two further awards for its flagship store in Stuttgart: Gold in the “Brand Communication” category and Winner in “Brand Experience of the Year”. Telekom’s head of Sales and Service Ferri Abolhassan comments, “The shops are the showcase for our products and solutions – even now in the age of digitalization. With our new store concept, we are creating truly immersive experiences for our customers. We are already working on translating this concept to smaller formats so that as many customers as possible get to experience it.”

The jury’s reasoning stated, “Deutsche Telekom is paving the way for a new generation of flexible store design and setting new standards. The focus is on direct interaction between people and brands. The company is modeling its portfolio as a walk-through experience area and the flagship store represents a whole new generation of stores with its inspiring, interactive concept.”

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