DHL Reports Growing Demand for Sustainable Transport Solutions; Collaborates with Novo Nordisk to Decarbonize Air Freight

DHL Reports Growing Demand for Sustainable Transport Solutions; Collaborates with Novo Nordisk to Decarbonize Air Freight

(IN BRIEF) DHL Global Forwarding is experiencing a rising demand for sustainable transport solutions using fuels like Sustainable Aviation Fuels. More shippers are requesting emissions transparency and exploring sustainable options, even with extra costs. DHL’s GoGreen Plus service, which uses sustainable fuels, is aiding in the reduction of transport emissions. Life-science company Novo Nordisk has started decarbonizing its air freight through this service, aiming to reduce over 30,000 tonnes CO2e in 2023. DHL is collaborating on a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting Framework to allocate emission reductions from sustainable fuels to specific customers. The framework aims to align with industry standards while offering an accounting framework toward a general industry standard.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 18-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — “We feel encouraged that our customers share our view, that the time to decarbonize is now. A growing number of them are already making sustainability an integral part of their business strategy, and we are pleased to be able to prove to them, that with solutions like our GoGreen Plus service using sustainable fuels, transport emissions can already be reduced efficiently today. From today’s perspective, e-fuels such as hydrogen and other sustainably produced synthetic fuels will only become increasingly available from 2030 onwards. Until then we need to scale up sustainable biofuel usage – and this is only possible in a joint effort,” says Thomas George, Chief Commercial Officer, DHL Global Forwarding.

Novo Nordisk is one of the leading providers of diabetes care products. The concern for the health and well-being of the patients they serve is also reflected in the company’s responsible and sustainable business practices, which are part of its Circular for Zero strategy.

“This is yet another step in Novo Nordisk’s continuous support of the development of sustainable aviation fuel. Our air freight accounts for most of our product distribution emissions as we provide life-saving medicines to patients around the world. We want to drive change in this area to help pave the way for other companies to also transition and cut emissions,” Dorethe Nielsen, Vice President, Circular for Zero, Corporate Environmental Strategy.

DHL offers its customers to decarbonize their transport through the GoGreen Plus service. Hereby carriers consume sustainable biofuels on behalf of DHL. The resulting emission reductions are passed on to DHL and will then be allocated to the shippers. For this reason, DHL Global Forwarding is piloting a new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting Framework of the Smart Freight Centre together with other partners. The idea behind this framework is to transfer the approach of allocating environmental benefits from sustainable fuels to specific customers by decoupling the accounting of the fuels’ environmental attributes from their physical flow. The framework intends to secure environmental integrity and alignment with existing industry standards, while at the same time providing companies with a practicable accounting framework as a first step towards a general industry standard. The GoGreen Plus service can be easily booked for example via DHL Global Forwarding’s digital customer platform myDHLi.

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SOURCE: Deutsche Post AG


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