DHL Supply Chain Expands E-Commerce Fulfillment Network with Fourth German Warehouse

The new Euskirchen site has a total storage area of over 60,000 square meters and has excellent connections to parcel centers and both Cologne/ Bonn and Duesseldorf Airport.

(IN BRIEF) DHL Supply Chain has expanded its DHL Fulfillment Network (DFN) by commissioning its fourth e-commerce warehouse in Euskirchen, Germany. This facility will store, pick, pack, and ship orders for a wide range of customers, from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses, serving both domestic and international markets. The DFN offers an infrastructure for integrating webshops and customer systems and provides access to various parcel service providers, making it easy for new companies to join the network. Additionally, DHL equips its customers with digital tools for inventory management, order monitoring, and sales trend tracking. The Euskirchen site covers over 60,000 square meters and is well-connected to parcel centers and airports. It can efficiently handle fluctuations in order volumes and inventory levels through specialized technology and dynamic staff deployment.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 23-Oct-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Deutsche Post DHL Group (ETR: DPW), a German multinational package delivery and supply chain management company, announces that its DHL Supply Chain, in line with the expansion of the DHL Fulfillment Network (DFN), unveils the commissioning of its fourth dedicated e-commerce warehouse in Germany. The newly established fulfillment warehouse in Euskirchen is poised to revolutionize the storage, order picking, and packing processes for a diverse clientele, ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. This strategic facility will facilitate seamless shipments within Germany, Europe, and across the globe.

“All companies, whatever their size, deserve first-class e-fulfillment. We have already helped numerous companies from a broad range of sectors to grow their online business in various different markets,” says Andreas Bicking, Vice President DHL Fulfillment Network. “And given the current growth in e-commerce, there is virtually no ceiling on the potential for our DHL Fulfillment Network. Our highly flexible infrastructure makes scaling and customizing to our customers’ specific needs an easy task,” underlined Bicking.

Customers across the spectrum stand to gain from an existing infrastructure designed to seamlessly integrate webshops and customer systems, as well as to provide direct access to a diverse range of parcel service providers. This ease of integration empowers new businesses to swiftly become part of the DFN network. Moreover, DHL is equipping its customers with an extensive suite of data and digital tools, streamlining business operations with minimal effort. These tools enable effective inventory management, real-time order monitoring, and the ability to track sales trends. Importantly, all DFN fulfillment centers operate under the expertise of trained DHL professionals.

The DFN model, conceived in Germany, has since evolved into a global network spanning 30 locations worldwide. The new Euskirchen site boasts a total storage area exceeding 60,000 square meters and boasts excellent connectivity to parcel centers, Cologne/Bonn, and Duesseldorf Airport. Equipped with specialized technology and dynamic staff deployment capabilities, the facility excels in efficiently managing fluctuations in order volumes and inventory levels.

“For DHL Supply Chain, the new DFN warehouse in Euskirchen represents another important building block in our drive to grow our e-commerce business, one of our Group’s strategic growth sectors,” says Rainer Haag, Chief Executive Officer DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps. “It’s not just a case of providing the standard service – from smart order picking and packaging in the warehouse to delivery and returns – but also offering tailor-made solutions with plenty of extras for our customers to choose. We are proud to be helping companies of all sizes to grow thanks to our DFN.”

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Daniel Pohl
Spokesperson for DHL Supply Chain
DHL Group
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SOURCE: Deutsche Post AG


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