K-food stores cashback service expanded to cover the whole of Finland

2-7-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — In connection with their card purchases, customers can withdraw up to 200 euros with the debit cards of all Finnish banks. No minimum limit has been set for withdrawals. A service fee of 50 cents is charged for a withdrawal, but the K-Plussa customers of Nordea, Danske Bank and cooperative banks get 100 Plussa points for using the service, the value of which corresponds to the service charge.

“We want to serve our customers as well as possible. We have seen that the cashback service is valued by customers and the K-food store network which covers the whole country will significantly improve our customers’ possibilities to withdraw cash in Finland,” says Kesko Food’s President Jorma Rauhala.

The objective is to offer the service at all of the approximately 900 K-food stores by the end of the year. At the smallest K-stores, the introduction of the service requires checkout system updating.

Customers can identify stores offering cashback service from the ‘Osta&Nosta’ logo. An up-to-date list of all the stores providing the service is available at www.kesko.fi.

Further information:

Eija Jantunen, Vice President, Finance & Accounting Services, Kesko Corporation, tel. +358 105 322 500
Picture of the cashback logo can be downloaded from Kesko’s material bank at http://materialbank.kesko.fi/(Logos)
List of the stores offering cashback service: www.kesko.fi/kateisnosto

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