European Aluminium Industry calls for more ambitious EU packaging recovery policy and recycling targets

Berlin, 26-9-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — In view of the upcoming discussions on the guidelines on Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes, the European Aluminium Industry (EAA) calls for a consistent approach at the EU and national level.

The EAA has always been a strong proponent of an ambitious EU packaging recovery policy and more ambitious recycling targets. However the current Packaging Waste Directive has led to a situation where different types of recovery schemes – public, private or mixed systems – have shown strengths and weaknesses in their ability to recover packaging material from different waste holder categories, being households and non-households.

“If we are serious about recycling, we must considerably improve general performance level of all EPR in Europe and learn from best in class. The guidelines for Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes can help to achieve this”, said Laurent Musy, Chairman of EAA Packaging Board on the occasion of the Annual EAA Aluminium Packaging Seminar, taking place in Berlin. “Efficient collection and  sorting systems are essential steps in the fight for higher recycling ambitions. The aluminium industry encourages policy makers and all actors to implement best practices and consistent approaches throughout Europe.”

To ensure higher performances of these national recovery schemes, the guidelines for Extended Producer Responsibility should at least meet the following criteria:
• Full coverage of geography, population and packaging materials;
• No cherry picking of packaging materials, for example by focusing only on large volumes and ignoring smaller fractions with high scrap values;
• A professional waste-management operation based on a set of minimum performance criteria related to high quality collection, sorting and recovery;
• Transparent and accurate data based on harmonized European formats;
• Fair allocation of costs between materials, thus avoiding ‘cross-subsidies’ and taking into account their scrap values;
• Address also ‘out-of-home’ collection by adding dedicated collection activities for packaging items typically consumed ‘on the go’ or at the workplace.

See also EAA position on the upcoming revision of the EU waste and packaging waste legislation.

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