Deutsche Bank’s Private Bank Germany and WWF Germany Sign Advisory Agreement to Further Sustainability Goals

Deutsche Bank’s Private Bank Germany and WWF Germany Sign Advisory Agreement to Further Sustainability Goals

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Bank’s Private Bank Germany and WWF Germany have signed a two-year advisory agreement in Berlin to advance sustainable finance and further Deutsche Bank’s sustainability strategy. The partnership will focus on developing more sustainable products, services, structures, and processes, while evaluating the concept of designated green branches. With the WWF’s expertise and network, the collaboration aims to finance more sustainable housing and advise on sustainable investments, taking into account people’s needs at different stages of their lives. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the transformation towards a greener, more sustainable economy and society in Germany and beyond.

(PRESS RELEASE) FRANKFURT, 13-Feb-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Deutsche Bank (ETR: DBK), Germany’s leading multinational investment bank and financial services company, and WWF Germany have recently signed an agreement in Berlin to collaborate on an initial two-year advisory service. The partnership is aimed at further advancing sustainable finance at Private Bank Germany, as well as contributing to Deutsche Bank’s overall sustainability strategy.

Philipp Gossow, Head of Sales Private Bank Germany and Head of ESG Private Bank: “We look forward to working with the WWF and to what we will achieve together in the coming months. The financial sector plays a key role in the sustainable transformation of our economy and society. At Private Bank Germany, we provide comprehensive advice to our clients, inlcuding on sustainable finance products and services – an area in which we are looking to expand our expertise.”

Heike Vesper, Managing Director Politics & Transformation WWF Germany: “The ecological transformation will only succeed if banks actively shape the transformation of the economy and society. The window of opportunity is shrinking and already this decade, structural changes will be needed to take the path to the 1.5-degree limit. In concrete terms, many decisions now need to be taken and financed in a climate-friendly manner. In order to accelerate the systemic changes in the remaining period and to channel financing correctly, WWF Germany is cooperating with Deutsche Bank. It has an impact on the German financial market and, by designing financing solutions, for example in the mortgage space, the bank has substantial leverage in the transformation being a success.”

The central question that Deutsche Bank and WWF seek to answer is whether banking products and services can play a critical role in transitioning to a greener way of life. To this end, the two organizations plan to work closely together in the coming months to develop a suite of products and services that reflect their joint commitment to sustainability. They will also assess and enhance their structures, processes, and dialogues with clients, all with the goal of increasing sustainability across the board.

One key focus of the partnership is to evaluate the concept of designated green branches. Deutsche Bank and WWF aim to identify and establish the necessary resources, frameworks, and technologies that will enable these branches to operate in a sustainable manner. The partnership will also work to identify and adopt best practices in sustainable banking, which will serve as a model for other banks and financial institutions.

Deutsche Bank has already taken steps to improve sustainability in recent years, including joining the German Financial Sector’s collective commitment to climate change, as well as its pathways to net zero. The partnership with WWF is the next step in the bank’s journey towards sustainability. With the WWF’s extensive expertise and existing network, the Private Bank Germany intends to develop further concepts and measures that will support the bank’s sustainability goals.

A major priority of the partnership is to finance more sustainable housing, such as energy-efficient building renovations. The partnership will also focus on advising clients on sustainable investments that align with their financial goals and personal values. To achieve these goals, Deutsche Bank and WWF aim to better understand people’s needs in terms of sustainable projects and investments at different stages of their lives. This knowledge will form the basis for further developing processes and products that are tailored to clients’ unique needs.

In conclusion, the partnership between Deutsche Bank’s Private Bank Germany and WWF Germany is a significant step towards the transformation towards a greener, more sustainable economy and society in Germany and beyond. The collaboration will draw on the expertise and resources of both organizations to promote sustainable banking practices, financing, and investments, with the ultimate goal of creating a better, more sustainable future for all.

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WWF Germany is part of the international conservation organization World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). For more than 50 years, the WWF network has been working around the globe to stop environmental degradation and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. In more than 100 national and international projects, WWF Germany is currently working to preserve biodiversity and our natural livelihoods.

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