Nemetschek Group Invests in SmartPM to Drive Innovation in Construction

Nemetschek Group Invests in SmartPM to Drive Innovation in Construction

(IN BRIEF) Global software provider for the AEC/O and media & entertainment industries, Nemetschek Group, has invested in Atlanta-based start-up SmartPM, a project controls automation platform, expanding their venture strategy to drive innovation in the construction sector. SmartPM’s Automated Project Controls and Schedule Analytics Platform uses proprietary schedule analytics technology to proactively identify critical project risk issues throughout the entire construction lifecycle, resulting in better project outcomes. SmartPM has seen rapid growth, partnering with top contractors in the US, and its customers report up to a 50X ROI, saving millions of dollars on commercial construction projects. The Nemetschek Group’s portfolio includes other construction management and technology companies, such as Nevaris and Bluebeam.

(PRESS RELEASE) MUNICH, Germany/ ATLANTA, GA, United States, 13-Feb-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Nemetschek SE (ETR: NEM), a leading software solutions provider for the architects, engineers, and the construction industry, announces that it has invested in the project controls automation platform, SmartPM. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, SmartPM is known for its automated project controls and schedule analytics platform that proactively identifies critical project risk issues throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

The investment, made as part of the Nemetschek Group’s venture strategy, is expected to further drive innovation in the construction industry. As part of the investment, Matt Wheelis, SVP of Strategy for the Build & Construct Division at the Nemetschek Group, will be joining the Board of Directors at SmartPM.

SmartPM’s proprietary schedule analytics technology analyzes complex and hidden schedule data, translating it into key metrics and graphics that support decision-making, resulting in better project outcomes. Designed to work alongside current processes, SmartPM elevates CPM scheduling software (such as MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Power Project) by improving schedule quality and automating project control processes that align with construction industry best practices.

SmartPM has seen rapid growth in its business, partnering with top contractors in the United States. Its customers have reported a 50X ROI, which often translates to saving millions of dollars on their commercial construction projects. SmartPM has proven to reduce delays and increase savings through its automation platform.

“Due to the inherent complexity of construction schedules, overruns are a risk, and this is not uncommon to the industry”, says Jon Elliott, CEO of Bluebeam and Chief Division Officer, Build & Construct at the Nemetschek Group. “It can be difficult to determine the cause of overruns in projects, and SmartPM addresses this issue through intelligence and analysis. We are proud to be furthering our commitment to innovation with our investment in SmartPM.”

“The Nemetschek Group is leading the charge in the digital transformation of the AEC industry across the Globe, and we feel very fortunate to have Nemetschek align with SmartPM as a strategic investor and industry partner”, says Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM. “ Not only will Nemetschek help us establish a more global presence, but we are also very passionate about our collective mission to solve some of the more complex challenges in the AEC industry through technology. Together, we will improve this industry through cross-collaboration and collective innovation.”

Tanja Kufner, Head of Startups & Venture Investments at the Nemetschek Group, adds, “SmartPM is an exciting platform because of its approach towards mitigating construction project risk through the use of scheduling process controls. These controls can ensure project schedules are following the best practices and are executed well. The company builds on top of Mike’s 20 years of experience helping companies fight project delays and cost overruns. We are very happy to partner with Mike and the SmartPM team.”

As a global investor in SmartPM, Nemetschek Group brings a wealth of experience and resources through its portfolio of companies, such as Nevaris and Bluebeam.

About SmartPM

Founded in 2016, SmartPM™ Technologies Inc. is a leading construction analytics provider headquartered in Atlanta. SmartPM launched its cloud-based software in 2019 and is now the only comprehensive, schedule-centric analytics solution designed specifically for the construction industry by industry experts. SmartPM drives project management by leveraging billions of data points from the construction schedule to automate project control processes by extracting insights from the schedule data to mitigate risk, control costs, reduce delays, and increase profitability.

Intuitive and customized analytics dashboards allow users at all levels to successfully manage complex project schedules, equipping them with the tools they need to automate schedule analysis while gaining visibility into mission-critical schedule data at-a-glance. SmartPM keeps all parties involved in a project in the loop, so each stakeholder clearly understands their own particular risks and financial ramifications. For more information, visit

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