Bosch to house its IoT, AI and digital competence into a new company called Bosch.IO

Bosch to house its IoT, AI and digital competence into a new company called Bosch.IO

Bosch to house its IoT, AI and digital competence into a new company called Bosch.IO

(PRESS RELEASE) BERLIN, 17-Feb-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — Multinational engineering and technology group Bosch has announced it is establishing a new division aimed at housing its internet of things (IoT) activities. The new subsidiary will be called Bosch.IO (legal entity Bosch.IO GmbH) and will rely on more than 900 in-house IoT, AI and digital experts. The new Bosch company will have its software and hardware developers work together with cloud specialists and user experience designers on IoT projects of future importance.

Commenting on the Bosch.IO launch, Bosch board of management member Michael Bolle, said:

“With Bosch.IO, we are strengthening our position as a leading IoT company. With Bosch.IO’s new setup, we are combining the I and T in IoT to bring the internet of things to everything from roads and factory floors to homes and fields.”

The new Bosch entity products will be centered around the company’s IoT Suite, which is its technical platform for IoT solutions.

The former Bosch Software Innovations GmbH has been merged into the new subsidiary Bosch.IO along with other specialized IoT and digital teams at Bosch. Bosch.IO is going to be based in Berlin and will be run by Dr. Stefan Ferber, Dr. Aleksandar Mitrovic, and Yvonne Reckling as the company’s executives. Bosch.IO will have its operations span across several continents and countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Singapore, Spain, and the United States.

Dr. Aleksandar Mitrovic, member of the Bosch.IO executive management on adopting more sector-centric approach in their IoT business:

“Our goal is to realize IoT projects faster and more efficiently. We bring together people with the right skills for each IoT and digitalization project to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. Together, we develop sustainable digital business models, seamless technical integration, and connected ecosystems for and with our customers.”

Bosch.IO will rely on interdisciplinary and agile teams that work together in ever-changing constellations. These teams will hardware and software developers, cloud specialists, solution architects, project managers, UX designers, business model innovators, and trainers. The experts at Bosch.IO are also having an extensive experience within different verticals such as retail, energy, building technology, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer goods, and mobility. Furthermore, Bosch.IO will collaborate with Bosch’s roughly 30,000 software developers and AI experts to accomplish more efficiently its projects.

Certain services of the Bosch IoT Suite can be used for a multitude of applications as it increases efficiency in development and operation, since complex and labor-intensive basic tasks need only be performed once. For instance, a service to connect and manage devices as well as update software and firmware over the air, which enables everything from vehicle fleets and security cameras to machinery to stay continuously up to date.

AI technologies are expected to play a greater role in future IoT and digital projects. An illustration of this combination can be the use of data mining methods to derive rules for machine learning from big data. The insights and knowledge gained can serve to conveniently and securely control different manufacturers’ household appliances, among other things. Image comparison tools also benefit from AI where Bosch.IO relies on them as part of Secure Product Fingerprint, which is an anti-counterfeiting solution. It identifies product surfaces, which offers consumers and business customers effective protection against counterfeit goods. Another example of the use of AI is in crash accidents, where a two-wheeler has been involved in an accident and AI-assisted methods can reliably detect this event and automatically trigger an emergency call.

Bosch.IO steps on many years’ experience gained in more than 250 IoT projects for international customers. Bosch.IO’s core product its IoT Suite already connects more than 10 million sensors, devices, and machines with their users and business applications, and it is the company’s central software platform for IoT solutions.

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