Vodafone’s 5G Fan App Enhances Spectator Experience at Record-Breaking Wales Women’s Six Nations Final

Vodafone’s 5G Fan App Enhances Spectator Experience at Record-Breaking Wales Women’s Six Nations Final

(IN BRIEF) The 2024 Wales Women’s Six Nations final witnessed a groundbreaking turnout of 10,592 fans at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, where Vodafone UK unveiled its innovative 5G Fan App. Developed in collaboration with AR specialists Immersiv.io, the app leverages Vodafone’s low-latency 5G technology to deliver real-time player stats and immersive augmented reality experiences. With the app, fans can seamlessly access live match information and celebrate key moments through AR animations projected onto their phone screens, marking a significant advancement in enhancing spectator engagement and accessibility to the game. The successful trial paves the way for the app’s rollout at the 2025 Six Nations Championship, showcasing the potential of 5G technology to revolutionize the sporting experience for fans across the UK.

(PRESS RELEASE) BERKSHIRE, 20-May-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — The final game of the 2024 Wales Women’s Six Nations saw a new record-breaking attendance, with 10,592 fans filling the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

During this monumental game Vodafone UK trialled its new 5G Fan App, which includes augmented reality (AR) technology powered by Vodafone’s superfast 5G.

Superfast 5G brings live stats

The app gave every fan the opportunity to be their own broadcaster, with all the knowledge of the game at their fingertips. The app has been developed with AR specialists Immersiv.io and Vodafone’s low latency 5G which ensures that all the data supplied is accurate and instant.

The app enhances the fan experience, allowing them to track live player stats by simply holding up their phones to the pitch, without missing a moment of the game. The stats include team line-ups, player bios, and a wide variety of individual stats, including tackles made, total passes, turnovers won and metres made.

Celebrate every win with augmented reality

Gwen Crabb from the Second Row, Wales Women’s team said the app “has introduced a completely new element to the live game experience, helping fans to understand exactly what’s unfolding on the pitch in front of them and increasing accessibility to the game, which is a hugely significant step.”

The 5G Fan App also uses AR to celebrate the game’s key moments. For example, when a try, a conversion or penalty kick occurs, this triggers a projection pop-up animation onto the fan’s view of the pitch through the phone.

Putting technology in the hands of more fans

The 5G Fan App will be live and available to fans at the Principality Stadium for the 2025 Six Nations Championship.

The app is a great demonstration of what 5G technology can bring to the sporting experience. Vodafone UK aims to bring coverage to the UK’s 120 top-tier rugby, football, cricket stadiums, and a majority of its 4,000+ grassroots facilities.

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