Daily Archives: 13, May 2024

Digi Communications N.V. Announces the convocation of the Company’s general shareholders meeting for 25 June 2024 for the approval of, among others, the 2023 Annual Report

(IN BRIEF) Digi Communications N.V., a major European telecom company, has scheduled its general shareholders meeting (GSM) for June 25, 2024, to discuss various key matters including the approval of the 2023 Annual Report and the distribution of dividends. The … Read the full press release

Garanti BBVA Sponsors ‘About the Air’ Exhibition Highlighting Social and Environmental Impact of Air Pollution

(IN BRIEF) Garanti BBVA is sponsoring the ‘Hava Dair’ (About the Air) exhibition at Salt’s Beyoğlu location, curated by Milan-based design studio 2050+. Free to the public until August 18th, the exhibition delves into the social and environmental consequences of … Read the full press release

British Gas Launches ‘You Pay: We Pay’ Initiative to Combat Fuel Poverty Among Customers

(IN BRIEF) British Gas has introduced a pioneering ‘You Pay: We Pay’ scheme, dedicating £15 million to assist customers struggling with fuel poverty by matching their energy payments over a six-month period. This initiative, launching in June, proactively identifies and … Read the full press release

Hydro Appoints New Leaders to Drive Future Growth and Strategy

(IN BRIEF) Hydro has announced significant changes to its Executive Leadership Team under the new leadership of President and CEO, Eivind Kallevik, who took office on May 13, 2024. Hanne Karine Simensen, previously the Head of Commercial in Hydro Aluminium … Read the full press release

Continental Introduces Groundbreaking High-Performance Computer in First Software-Defined Vehicle

(IN BRIEF) Continental has successfully integrated a cross-domain High-Performance Computer (HPC) into a car, marking a significant advancement in software-defined vehicle (SDV) technology. This innovative car hosts not only cockpit functionalities but also critical vehicle operations such as driving safety … Read the full press release

Sarajevo Launches Modern Trams in Major Public Transport Upgrade Funded by European Banks

(IN BRIEF) Sarajevo has introduced new modern trams for the first time in 40 years, a significant advancement supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and other donors. The project, financed with … Read the full press release

Cotti Coffee Chooses Adyen’s Platform for Global Expansion and Enhanced Customer Experience

(IN BRIEF) Adyen, a leading financial technology platform, has partnered with Cotti Coffee to support the global coffee chain’s expansion into new international markets including Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the UAE. This strategic collaboration leverages Adyen’s single-platform solution to … Read the full press release

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G Crowned Electric Bus Champion of 2024, Dominates Performance Tests

(IN BRIEF) The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G, an all-electric articulated city bus, has been named the Electric Bus Champion of 2024 after excelling in the rigorous comparison test organized by Omnibusspiegel bus magazine in Bonn. This marks the second consecutive victory … Read the full press release

Salzgitter AG Navigates Economic Downturn with Modest Profits Amidst a Challenging Market

(IN BRIEF) In the first quarter of 2024, Salzgitter AG reported a downturn in performance due to a sluggish economy, particularly affecting its steel-related sectors in Germany. The company achieved an EBITDA of €126.4 million and a pre-tax profit of … Read the full press release

LANXESS Debuts High-Purity Aroma Chemicals at SIMPPAR, Emphasizes Sustainability in Perfumery

(IN BRIEF) At the SIMPPAR exhibition in Grasse, France, LANXESS showcased its comprehensive range of high-purity, nature-identical aroma chemicals for the first time, including innovative grades of Kalama benzyl benzoate and other developing aromatic ingredients. Featuring an array of floral, … Read the full press release

Energiekontor Advances Expansion with New Wind and Solar Projects, Eyes Gigawatt Milestone

(IN BRIEF) In the first quarter of 2024, Energiekontor AG, a prominent German developer of wind and solar parks, significantly expanded its portfolio, commissioning two new wind parks with a combined capacity of 29 megawatts, including the Jacobsdorf wind park … Read the full press release

SÜSS MicroTec Launches Innovative Hybrid Bonding Platform to Boost Semiconductor Production Efficiency

(IN BRIEF) SÜSS MicroTec SE introduces the XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W, a groundbreaking hybrid bonding platform designed for both 200 mm and 300 mm substrates, providing versatile wafer-to-wafer (W2W) and die-to-wafer (D2W) bonding capabilities. This platform is specifically tailored for semiconductor … Read the full press release

EDF Secures €5.8 Billion in Green Loans to Extend Life of French Nuclear Fleet

(IN BRIEF) EDF has successfully signed green bank loans totaling approximately €5.8 billion, with terms ranging from three to five years, facilitated by major international banks such as BNP Paribas and Bank of America. These funds are earmarked specifically for … Read the full press release

Barclays Defends Its Record on Sustainable Finance Amid Criticism from Investigative Report

(IN BRIEF) Barclays has publicly disputed claims by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) regarding its financing activities, specifically accusing BIJ of inaccurately attributing a disproportionate share of sustainability-linked financing to the bank. BIJ reported that Barclays facilitated $41 billion … Read the full press release

Barclays Advances Its Transition Financing, Cutting Emissions Amid Criticism on Fossil Fuel Investments

(IN BRIEF) Barclays is actively financing the transition of the energy sector by implementing strict policies and reducing financed emissions by 44% in the Energy sector and 26% in the Power sector from 2020 to 2023. Despite facing criticism for … Read the full press release

Telefónica Unveils New Sustainable NFT Collections in Harvverse Project to Transform Coffee Industry

(IN BRIEF) Telefónica has launched two new NFT collections, ‘Green’ and ‘Carbon’, as part of the Harvverse project, aimed at revolutionizing the coffee industry in Latin America through blockchain technology. These collections comprise 10 NFTs each, representing virtual agricultural assets … Read the full press release