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Digi Communications announces the conclusion of Facilities Agreements by companies from Digi Group

(IN BRIEF) Digi Communications has announced the finalization of two export credit facilities agreements totaling EUR 117,158,657.37 by RCS & RDS S.A. (its subsidiary in Romania) and Digi Spain Telecom S.L.U. The agreements aim to finance the purchase of goods … Read the full press release

Equinor and Petoro Announce Strategic Asset Swap in Haltenbanken Area

(IN BRIEF) Equinor and Petoro have finalized a value-neutral asset swap agreement in the Haltenbanken area, aimed at optimizing ownership in key production hubs. Equinor will increase its stake in the Heidrun field and Noatun discovery while reducing ownership in … Read the full press release

Management Transition: Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck Leaves BurdaForward, Dr. Lydia Rullkötter Takes Over as Co-CEO

(IN BRIEF) Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck, CEO of BurdaForward, is set to leave the company at the end of July to join TX Group as Group COO. Her departure marks a management change at BurdaForward, with Dr. Lydia Rullkötter appointed … Read the full press release

EIF and Greek Government Launch €200 Million Equity Fund to Boost Innovation in Life Sciences and Sustainability Sectors

(IN BRIEF) Greek startups and SMEs in life sciences, healthcare, and sustainability sectors are set to receive a significant boost with the launch of a €200 million equity agreement managed by the EIF arm of the EIB Group. The agreement, … Read the full press release

Stellantis and Leapmotor Finalize Formation of Leapmotor International, Paving the Way for Global Expansion of EV Lineup

(IN BRIEF) Stellantis and Leapmotor have successfully completed the formation of Leapmotor International B.V., a joint venture led by Stellantis with a 51% stake, aimed at expanding the global reach of Leapmotor’s electric vehicle lineup. Spearheaded by CEO Tianshu Xin, … Read the full press release

Boliden Joins Ericsson and Telia’s NorthStar 5G Program for Advanced Mining Operations

(IN BRIEF) Boliden, a leading Swedish metals, mining, and smelting company, is partnering with Ericsson and Telia to enhance its mining operations through the NorthStar 5G innovation program. By upgrading its private 5G network in the Kankberg mine, Boliden aims … Read the full press release

ZF Introduces Innovative Employer Branding Metaverse for Talent Engagement

(IN BRIEF) ZF has unveiled its cutting-edge Employer Branding Metaverse, revolutionizing talent acquisition and engagement through immersive virtual experiences. This innovative platform allows candidates to explore ZF’s brand essence, corporate culture, and career opportunities in a dynamic virtual environment. Featuring … Read the full press release

Zalando Reorganizes Leadership for Enhanced E-commerce Ecosystem Strategy

(IN BRIEF) Zalando, Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, is restructuring its management board to align with its updated strategy focusing on two growth vectors: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). Co-founder David Schneider transitions to a dedicated role focusing … Read the full press release

PSI Researchers Unlock Key Enzyme for Green Chemistry

(IN BRIEF) Scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have made a groundbreaking discovery by precisely characterizing the enzyme styrene oxide isomerase, which holds immense potential for producing valuable chemicals and drug precursors in an environmentally sustainable manner. This enzyme, … Read the full press release

REPowerEU Marks Second Anniversary with New Wind Energy Initiatives

(IN BRIEF) Today marks the second anniversary of REPowerEU, the European Union’s response to Russia’s energy threat following the invasion of Ukraine. REPowerEU has significantly accelerated the deployment of wind energy across Europe, increasing its share in the electricity mix … Read the full press release

EIB and MicroBank’s €200 Million Boost to Spanish Entrepreneurs

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) and MicroBank have partnered to provide a €200 million loan, aimed at empowering small businesses and self-employed individuals in Spain. With MicroBank contributing an additional €100 million, this initiative seeks to address the … Read the full press release

EIF’s €200 Million Equity Mandate Boosts Greek Innovation and Sustainability

(IN BRIEF) The Hellenic Republic has entrusted the European Investment Fund (EIF) to manage €200 million from European structural funds and national resources to provide equity financing for Greek startups and SMEs in the life sciences, healthcare, and sustainability sectors. … Read the full press release

Eviden Launches BullSequana AI 600: Empowering Breakthroughs in AI Innovation with AMD Collaboration

(IN BRIEF) Eviden, in partnership with AMD, introduces the BullSequana AI 600, a new addition to its AI product lineup designed to support developers, data scientists, and researchers in achieving breakthroughs in innovation and computation. Featuring AMD Instinct™ MI300X accelerators … Read the full press release

JEDI Tops Green500 List: Leading the Charge in Energy-Efficient Supercomputing

(IN BRIEF) Forschungszentrum Jülich and EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, in collaboration with ParTec-Eviden, unveiled the first module of the exascale supercomputer JUPITER, named JEDI, at the International Supercomputing Conference. JEDI secured the top spot in the Green500 list for its exceptional … Read the full press release

REN Unveils Ambitious Strategic Plan Focused on Sustainable Growth and Energy Transition

(IN BRIEF) REN, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, has revealed its Strategic Plan for 2024–2027, emphasizing its dedication to facilitating the Energy Transition while maintaining financial stability and operational excellence. The plan outlines ambitious sustainability goals, including significant reductions in emissions and … Read the full press release

Bosch Engineering and Ligier Automotive Push Boundaries with Hydrogen-Powered Racing Innovation

(IN BRIEF) Bosch Engineering and Ligier Automotive are advancing clean energy technologies in motorsport by enhancing their hydrogen-powered demonstrator vehicle. Recent intensive testing has focused on optimizing the vehicle’s engine and overall performance for endurance and robustness, achieving impressive power, … Read the full press release

NatWest’s UK Regional Business Activity Shows Growth Despite Employment Challenges

(IN BRIEF) The latest Regional PMI® survey data from NatWest reveals continued growth in business activity across most UK nations and regions in April, with London leading the expansion. Despite this positive trend, employment remains mixed, with only half of … Read the full press release

Siemens Launches Innovative Credential Program to Address Engineering Talent Gap

(IN BRIEF) Siemens Digital Industries Software introduces a groundbreaking program in collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder and Pennsylvania State University to credential students and enhance career readiness in engineering fields. These industry-recognized credentials, endorsed by ABET, will supplement … Read the full press release

Siemens Unveils AI-Driven Solutions for Water Industry Optimization

(IN BRIEF) Siemens, a forefront technology company, introduces new AI-powered software applications tailored for the water and wastewater industry, aiming to streamline plant operations and enhance sustainability. These self-service solutions, such as SIWA Leak Finder and SIWA Blockage Predictor, leverage … Read the full press release

Volkswagen ID.7 Electric Saloon Makes History with Top Marks in ADAC Vehicle Test

(IN BRIEF) The Volkswagen ID.7 has achieved a historic milestone as the first vehicle ever to receive an overall rating of ‘very good’ with an average score of 1.5 in the rigorous ADAC vehicle test, conducted by experts from Europe’s … Read the full press release

EU Blue Champions Program Unveils Top Ocean Innovators, Promotes Sustainable Growth

(IN BRIEF) The European Commission and the European Investment Bank revealed the 20 selected “EU Blue Champions,” representing diverse sectors such as tidal and wind energy, underwater robotics, and satellite data applications. Chosen from Croatia to Sweden, these champions demonstrated … Read the full press release