Gasum Expands Filling Station Network to Meet Growing Demand for Biogas in Sweden

Gasum Expands Filling Station Network to Meet Growing Demand for Biogas in Sweden

(IN BRIEF) Gasum, an energy company, is set to open a new filling station in Vänersborg, Sweden, in collaboration with logistics firm Centralen, aiming to address the increasing demand for biogas across the Nordics. Scheduled to open on March 11, 2024, the station will offer liquefied and compressed biogas (LBG/CBG) as well as natural gas (LNG/CNG) for heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars. Situated strategically at a traffic hub along the European route E45, the station will enhance the connectivity of biogas-powered logistics between inland and west coast traffic routes to Norway. Gasum’s expansion plans align with its strategic goal of bringing 7 TWh of renewable biogas annually to the Nordic market by 2027, contributing to significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

(PRESS RELEASE) ESPOO, 4-Mar-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Energy company, Gasum will open a new filling station in Vänersborg, Sweden, in March 2024. The station is a result of cooperation with logistics company Centralen. By expanding its filling station network, Gasum is responding to the growing demand for biogas across the Nordics.

Gasum’s latest filling station will open on March 11, 2024 in Vänersborg, Sweden. The station will serve both heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars with liquefied and compressed biogas (LBG/CBG) and natural gas (LNG/CNG). The filling station will be Gasum’s 23rd in Sweden.

“The new station in Vänersborg is at a traffic hub on the European route E45 connecting both to the E6 in the west and the E20 in the east. This means that the new station greatly improves the connectivity of biogas operated logistics between the inland and west coast traffic routes to Norway,” says Sharareh Edström, Director of Traffic Sweden at Gasum.

The station has been established in cooperation with Gasum’s customer Centralen on their site outside the town center. Centralen is a logistics company owned by 70 transporters with a combined fleet of 220 heavy-duty vehicles. Centralen is part of TRB, a long-term partner of Gasum.

“Working to improve our environment is a journey we must make together. We at Centralen are very grateful to have a partner like Gasum, who makes it possible to offer our customers fossil-free transport. We see great opportunities in switching to fossil-free fuels. Besides doing the right things, it will increase a productive dialogue between customers, suppliers, and partners. When climate is on every agenda, every day of the week, we will succeed in our sustainability efforts,” says Johan Jansson, Centralen’s CEO.

The new station is located at Dubbgatan 10.

Gasum is responding to the growing demand for biogas

Gasum is expanding its filling station network to respond to the growing demand for low-emission fuels, such as biogas. In 2023, there were more than 2,500 gas-powered heavy-duty vehicles running on either liquefied or compressed biogas. The number has been growing steadily over the past few years.

Biogas is a renewable and locally produced fuel that allows both road transport and shipping companies to effectively lower their emissions today. Its lifecycle emissions are 90% lower when compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Gasum’s strategic goal is to bring 7 TWh of renewable biogas yearly to the Nordic market by 2027. This amount would mean annual savings of 1.8 million tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions.

Gasum’s strategic goal includes planning five large-scale biogas plants in Götene, Borlänge, Kalmar, Sjöbo, and Hörby in southern Sweden. The construction of the Götene plant has already started and the construction of the Borlänge plant is planned to start during the spring.

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. Gasum offers cleaner energy and energy market expert services for industry and for combined heat and power production as well as cleaner fuel solutions for road and maritime transport. The company helps its customers to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of their customers. Together with its partners, Gasum promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

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Director, Traffic Sweden, Gasum
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Johan Jansson
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SOURCE: Gasum Ltd


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