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Deutsche Bahn Completes ICE 4 Fleet with “Spree” Train

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Bahn (DB) celebrated the completion of its ICE 4 fleet with the delivery of the 137th train, named “Spree,” in Berlin. The event was attended by key figures including Richard Lutz, CEO of DB, and Roland Busch, … Read the full press release

Philips Leads Health Technology Innovation with Record Patent Applications

(IN BRIEF) Royal Philips emerges as a leading patent applicant at the European Patent Office (EPO), securing its position as a global innovator in health technology. With 607 MedTech patent applications in 2023 and a total of 1,299 patent applications … Read the full press release

Otto Group Validates Ambitious Climate Targets, Aims for 42% Reduction by 2031

(IN BRIEF) The Otto Group announces its bold climate targets aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2031 compared to 2021, validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Setting a precedent in the industry, the Group integrates … Read the full press release

Ericsson and Juniper Research Release Groundbreaking Report on Mobile Financial Services Growth

(IN BRIEF) Ericsson, in collaboration with Juniper Research, presents the report “What Will Drive Mobile Financial Services’ Growth?”, offering comprehensive insights into the trajectory of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and its transformative potential for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. The … Read the full press release

Ahold Delhaize Repurchased 704,412 Shares as Part of €1 Billion Buyback Program

(IN BRIEF) Ahold Delhaize announces the repurchase of 704,412 common shares between March 11, 2024, and March 15, 2024, as part of its €1 billion share buyback program initiated on November 8, 2023. The shares were bought at an average … Read the full press release

Fresenius Medical Care Introduces Groundbreaking AR Training for ICU Staff

(IN BRIEF) Fresenius Medical Care (FME), a global leader in renal disease solutions, unveils a pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) application aimed at revolutionizing training for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nursing staff. The AR glasses, coupled with digital learning modules, offer … Read the full press release

Ireland’s NIMS Launches C-ITS Pilot Project for Enhanced Traffic Safety

(IN BRIEF) Ireland’s Network Intelligence and Management System (NIMS) initiative is set to revolutionize the country’s motorway network through a Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) pilot project, in collaboration with Kapsch TrafficCom. Integrated into the operational Traffic Management solution since … Read the full press release

DNV Partners with Moss Maritime to Propel Floating Solar Technology in Harsh Environments

(IN BRIEF) DNV, a renowned risk management and quality assurance firm, has collaborated with Moss Maritime, a leading offshore design and engineering services provider, to advance the deployment of floating solar technology, particularly in challenging environmental conditions. This partnership has … Read the full press release

Empa’s “Mining the Atmosphere” Initiative Targets High-Efficiency Renewable Energy Solutions for Industry

(IN BRIEF) Empa researchers are leading the charge in the “Mining the Atmosphere” initiative, aiming to harvest renewable energy from the Earth’s sun belt and transport it to industrial hubs like Switzerland. By utilizing pyrolysis to decarbonize natural gas, producing … Read the full press release

EIB Supports Skellefteå’s Social Housing Drive Amidst Green Industrialization

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) is backing Skellefteå Kommun in Sweden with a SEK 800 million loan (€70 million) to facilitate the construction of 743 new, energy-efficient social housing units. These homes, vital amidst the green industrialization, especially … Read the full press release

ANDRITZ Secures Order for State-of-the-Art Pickling Section Upgrade at Salzgitter Steel Plant

(IN BRIEF) ANDRITZ, an international technology group, has been commissioned by Salzgitter Flachstahl in Germany to supply a new pickling section for its existing push pickling line handling heavy-duty steel grades. Originally supplied by ANDRITZ in 1992, the line’s successful … Read the full press release

ANDRITZ and NETZSCH Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Alternative Protein Market

(IN BRIEF) International technology conglomerate ANDRITZ and NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH, a renowned leader in grinding and classifying technologies, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to cater to the burgeoning alternative protein market. This collaboration aims to leverage NETZSCH’s expertise in … Read the full press release

Hempel Launches Hempatherm IC: Revolutionary Thermal Insulation Coatings System

(IN BRIEF) Hempel A/S, a leading coatings manufacturer, has unveiled Hempatherm IC, its pioneering thermal insulation coatings system designed to address the escalating need to manage Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and control maintenance costs. Comprising Hempatherm IC 170 and Hempatherm … Read the full press release

ENGIE Unveils Massive Battery Energy Storage System to Enhance Renewable Energy Integration

(IN BRIEF) ENGIE, a global leader in renewable energy, has introduced a groundbreaking Co-Located Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with a storage capacity of 638 MWh and 139 MW of installed capacity. This innovative technology, utilizing lithium batteries, is integrated … Read the full press release

LPKF Laser & Electronics Secures Major Solar Market Order, Continuing Successful Collaboration

(IN BRIEF) In a significant development, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE has secured another major order in the solar market, reaffirming its longstanding partnership with a prominent international manufacturer. The order entails the supply of high-precision laser systems for structuring … Read the full press release

Symrise Unveils Savelite® HB: A Next-Generation Cosmetic Ingredient for Enhanced Product Protection

(IN BRIEF) Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients introduces Savelite® HB, a multifunctional hydroxypropolyester aimed at safeguarding various cosmetic products designed for normal to sensitive skin. This new addition to Symrise’s portfolio harnesses innovative technology while leveraging well-known ingredients, offering formulators and consumers … Read the full press release

Daimler Buses Unveils Ambitious Plans for Electric Future and Digital Innovation

(IN BRIEF) Daimler Buses has revealed its ambitious goals for the future, aiming to solidify its position as a global leader in the bus industry by 2030. With a focus on expanding its electric vehicle portfolio and enhancing digitalization, the … Read the full press release

Louis Vuitton Launches ‘Louis Vuitton [Extended]’ Podcast Series, Offering Exclusive Insights into Maison’s Creative World

(IN BRIEF) Louis Vuitton has debuted its inaugural podcast series, “Louis Vuitton [Extended],” hosted by journalist and fashion documentary filmmaker Loïc Prigent. This bi-monthly podcast delves into the heart of Louis Vuitton’s creative process, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of iconic events … Read the full press release

Physicist Menachem Stern Appointed as Group Leader at AMOLF to Advance Learning Machines Research

(IN BRIEF) Menachem (Nachi) Stern is set to join AMOLF on August 1st as the tenure track group leader of the Learning Machines group, which will span across the autonomous matter and information in matter research themes. With a background … Read the full press release

ENTSO-E Optimistic as EU-Switzerland Electricity Agreement Talks Commence

(IN BRIEF) The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) expresses optimism as discussions between the European Union and Switzerland commence regarding an electricity agreement, emphasizing its critical importance for the secure and efficient operation of the European … Read the full press release

Unveiling the Hidden Epidemic: Experian’s Podcast Exposes Financial Abuse Impacting Women in the UK

(IN BRIEF) Experian’s latest episode of The Cost of Loving podcast uncovers the pervasive issue of financial abuse, affecting 5.5 million women in the UK, with a significant portion falling between the ages of 18 to 24. Through candid discussions … Read the full press release

Siemens and NVIDIA Accelerate Industrial Metaverse Vision

(IN BRIEF) Siemens and NVIDIA have announced an expanded collaboration aimed at advancing the development of the industrial metaverse. Through the integration of NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs into the Siemens Xcelerator platform, immersive visualization capabilities powered by generative AI technology … Read the full press release

Startical Partners with GOMspace and NanoAvionics for Satellite Testing in Air Traffic Services Venture

(IN BRIEF) Startical, a venture created by ENAIRE and Indra, has announced its collaboration with GOMspace and NanoAvionics to conduct tests on communication and surveillance systems for its future constellation of over 270 satellites, aimed at providing air traffic services … Read the full press release

Rheinmetall Expands Vehicle Portfolio with Acquisition of Dutch Startup REEQ

(IN BRIEF) Rheinmetall, a leading technology group, has bolstered its vehicle portfolio by acquiring the Dutch startup REEQ, marking a strategic move towards innovative light hybrid vehicles. The acquisition, completed by Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V., a subsidiary of Rheinmetall’s Vehicle … Read the full press release

Eviden Secures Multicloud Agreement with AMTEGA for Galician Public Sector Digitization

(IN BRIEF) Eviden, a business within the Atos Group specializing in digital transformation, has been awarded a two-year Multicloud Agreement by the Galician Agency for Technological Modernization (AMTEGA), signaling a significant step forward in the digitization of Galicia’s public sector. … Read the full press release

Hydro Extrusions to Sell Kaunas Plant, Ensuring Employee Continuity

(IN BRIEF) Hydro Extrusions has announced an agreement to sell its fabrication unit in Kaunas, Lithuania, to VE Invest UAB. The Kaunas plant, with approximately 170 employees, serves as a fabrication unit for Hydro’s extrusion plants in Sweden and Denmark. … Read the full press release

Breakthrough in OLED Technology Promises Longer-Lasting and Higher Definition Screens

(IN BRIEF) Researchers from Loughborough, Cambridge, Northumbria, and Imperial universities have made a significant breakthrough in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology that could revolutionize television and smartphone screens. By simplifying the structure of high-efficiency blue OLEDs, the team aims to … Read the full press release

Loughborough University Hosts Manufacturing and Trade Conference to Drive Regional Growth

(IN BRIEF) Loughborough University is set to host the East Midlands Chamber’s Manufacturing and Trade Conference on March 26, focusing on key themes of investment, innovation, infrastructure, and international trade. With a lineup of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, … Read the full press release