CRO Cyber Rights Organization : the future of the fight against cyber crime

L-R: Juan Ricardo Palacio, Annachiara Sarto and Andrea Baggio

The first international organization to boast a team of young experts from multiple parts of the world

(PRESS RELEASE) THE HAGUE, 9-Jan-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Based in The Hague, Netherlands, CRO Cyber Rights Organization provides legal and technical assistance to victims experiencing online gender-based violence, such as non-consensual dissemination of intimate images, doxing, sextortion, but also cyberstalking, digital identity violation, violation of GDPR, financial scams and online human trafficking. But internally, there is also advocacy, data analysis of online violence experienced, sustainable communication and training for companies and professionals. All to create an authoritative international hotspot in defense of cyber rights and to protect cyber peace within modern societies. The Organization is led by an international, multicultural team of young researchers, academics, lawyers, and experts in the field of criminal law, information technology, and cyber intelligence specialists.

At its top, the youngest and most dynamic international team in Europe. The director of CRO* Annachiara Sarto*, 24 years old, trained in United Nations circles; and the Head of Research and Advocacy, *Silvia Semenzin*, 31 years old, postdoc fellow at the Complutense University of Madrid and a digital rights activist, have already started the process of European integration of the most impressive international organization specializing in Cyber Rights – the human rights of the web.

Together with Annachiara Sarto and Silvia Semenzin, there are the Reputationup‘s CEOs *Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio*: determined Master Minds of CRO Cyber Rights Organization, specializing in the technological application of artificial intelligence applied to international cyber security.

“Within our path we have assisted legally and technically, many victims of cybercrime,” explains Director Annachiara Sarto, “devastated girls who have seen their privacy deterred by just a click” . But now, things have changed. For the first time in history, an international organization was born through a mixture of forces in the field to protect Cyber Civil Rights and ensure international Cyber Peace between individuals and digital modernity. A joint venture that sees on the one hand, private companies specializing in the use of specific Artificial Intelligence tools applied to cyber security – it is the case with Reputationup’s cyber security expertise – and on the other hand, young activists, researchers, lawyers specialized in international law and criminal law, coming from many different countries and completely devoted to the fight against any kind of cybercrime capable of affecting fundamental human rights online.

Silvia Semenzin, Head of Research and Advocacy at CRO Cyber Rights Organization, explains: “Violations of privacy, image-based sexual abuse, online misogyny and platformed hate constantly invest and affect people’s daily lives”. What CRO Cyber Rights Organization will do thanks to the in-house IT group provided by Reputationup and legal experts from The Hague university is to help with the immediate removal of content that is harmful to victims. “It currently takes more than a hundred days to remove intimate content that violates a person’s dignity,” explains Master Mind Andrea Baggio, “without adding that the legal framework for intervening in these cases, changes from country to country and takes time to secure the digital life of an individual who survived a cybercrime. With CRO it will no longer be like this”.

Hence the solutions CRO Cyber Rights Organization is able to provide: collect reporting data, process it through CRO’s in-house study center, conduct social media surveys, conduct advocacy campaigns, operate strategic litigation, and ensure victims of online violence receive technical, legal assistance and removal of harmful content from the web. “Finally, we are able to help victims of cybercrime, adults and children, companies and businesses to remove all those contents that infringe on their fundamental freedom on the web as the unique non-profit Organization capable of helping survivors of cybercrime worldwide”, concludes director Annachiara Sarto.

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