Snam Announces Winners of HyAccelerator for Hydrogen Innovation

Snam Announces Winners of HyAccelerator for Hydrogen Innovation

(IN BRIEF) Snam has revealed the five startups selected for the third edition of HyAccelerator, a global corporate accelerator focused on hydrogen and decarbonisation technology. With over 50 applications received worldwide, the chosen startups represent innovative solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain, including production, transportation, storage, and end-use. Winners include Terrabarrier from Sweden, Elestor from the Netherlands, Sakowin from France, Reverion from Germany, and C-Zero from the United States. These startups will undergo a two-phase programme, receiving mentorship, technical insights, and financial support to advance their technologies and explore potential applications within the Snam ecosystem.

(PRESS RELEASE) MILAN, 18-May-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Snam has chosen the five winning startups for the third edition of HyAccelerator, a global corporate accelerator focused on hydrogen and decarbonisation technology. This project intends to assist startups and SMEs operating in the area. The strategy, which focused on seven aspects of the hydrogen value chain from production to end-use, was mirrored in this year’s Decarbonisation Nexus call for companies, which received over 50 applications from around the world.

The goal is to find the most promising solutions that can help Snam and the entire supply chain meet ambitious decarbonisation targets.

The title “Nexus” refers to the principle of connection and collaboration, which has always been cherished in the programme. This year’s edition will be supported by all of the Snam Group enterprises.

The selected startups, operating along the entire hydrogen value chain and, more broadly, in decarbonisation areas such as production, transportation, storage, and end-use of the technologies presented, are: Sweden’s Terrabarrier, which offers an innovative technology creating ultra-dense barriers in metal alloys; Dutch company Elestor, which presented a hydrogen-bromine flow battery capable of long-duration energy storage; France’s Sakowin, which introduced a solution to produce hydrogen through a methane plasmalysis process; Germany’s Reverion, which can provide an integrated solution converting hydrogen or biogas electrochemically into electricity and high-purity CO2; and America’s C-Zero, which showcased an innovative form of methane pyrolysis that converts natural gas into hydrogen and carbon black.

The selected startups will participate in two phases: during the first phase, they will meet with the HyAccelerator team and its partners for two months of mutual acquaintance, technical insights, and mentoring sessions; during the second phase, two of the five winners will continue for four months by analysing a use case for the startup’s technology application within the Snam ecosystem.

The participating firms will benefit from a mentorship programme guided by industry professionals, and two of the five will get technical and financial assistance for a period of six months.

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