Scania Launches Erinion to Spearhead Electric Charging Solutions

Scania Launches Erinion to Spearhead Electric Charging Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Scania CV AB unveils Erinion, a pioneering venture focused on delivering private and semi-public charging solutions, aiming to facilitate customers’ transition to electric transport. With plans to install 40,000 new charging points at customer locations, Erinion marks a strategic move by the Scania Group to fortify its e-Mobility offerings within the evolving transport landscape. The establishment of Erinion underscores Scania’s commitment to driving sustainability in transportation, aligning with its ambitious goal of achieving 50 percent electric sales volume in Europe by 2030. Erinion’s focus on depot and destination charging solutions is set to accelerate the adoption of electric trucks, offering customers tailored solutions for seamless fleet electrification while ensuring premium uptime. These solutions, backed by advanced software, hardware, and operational services, promise significant cost savings and operational efficiency enhancements for transport businesses across Europe. Initially launching in select European markets, Erinion’s brand-agnostic approach ensures accessibility to charging infrastructure and services for businesses of all sizes and vehicle brands, with plans for a global rollout in the future. According to industry projections, Erinion aims to support the growing electric truck market by installing a minimum of 40,000 charge points at customer locations by 2030. Jonas Hernlund, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at Scania Group, emphasizes Erinion’s comprehensive approach to charging solutions, providing customers with peace of mind and enabling them to focus on their core operations amidst the transition to electric transport. Gustaf Sundell, Executive Vice President and Head of Ventures and New Business at Scania Group, positions Erinion as a pivotal initiative in redefining the future transport ecosystem and supporting customers in their journey towards electric transportation.

(PRESS RELEASE) SÖDERTÄLJE, 11-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Scania CV AB today made a significant stride in facilitating the transition to electric transportation for its customers by unveiling Erinion, a new company specializing in private and semi-public charging solutions. The strategic initiative involves the installation of 40,000 new charging points at customer locations, reinforcing the Scania Group’s commitment to advancing e-Mobility within the future transport landscape.

Erinion, established by Scania, aims to address the need for depot and destination charging, thereby accelerating the adoption of electric trucks in alignment with Scania’s mission of driving the shift toward sustainable transport systems. The solutions offered by Erinion are designed to empower customers to seamlessly transition to zero-emission fleets, ensuring premium uptime—a critical element in achieving Scania’s target of having 50 percent of its European sales volume comprised of electric vehicles by 2030.

Depot and destination charging, identified as primary energy sources for both short and long-distance operations, offer dedicated charging infrastructure at customer locations, ensuring predictable charging schedules and maximum operational efficiency. This approach results in significant cost savings, with customers potentially seeing reductions in investment needs by up to 50% and operational savings of up to 15,000 Euros per truck annually, as indicated by Scania’s research and pilot programs with customers.

Erinion’s offerings extend beyond traditional charging solutions, encompassing advanced integrated software and hardware, operational services, and support. The company provides tailored solutions through various pricing models, enabling customers to optimize charging power levels, schedules, and costs according to their specific operational requirements.

Initially focusing on markets in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and Germany, Erinion plans for a global rollout to support the projected growth of electric trucks in Europe, with a minimum of 40,000 charge points slated for installation at customer locations by 2030.

Jonas Hernlund, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at Scania Group, emphasized that Erinion’s solutions offer customers peace of mind by handling all aspects of charging infrastructure, from hardware and software to financing and operational services. Gustaf Sundell, Executive Vice President and Head of Ventures and New Business at Scania Group, underscored the significance of Erinion in redefining the transport system and supporting customers in transitioning to electric transport within the future ecosystem.

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