Rail to Road: Transporeon and ÖBB Rail Cargo Group Pioneer Eco-Friendly Transport Options

Rail to Road: Transporeon and ÖBB Rail Cargo Group Pioneer Eco-Friendly Transport Options

(IN BRIEF) Transporeon, in collaboration with ÖBB Rail Cargo Group, has announced an expansion of their partnership to offer new rail and multimodal transport corridors, following their joint win of the Austrian Logistics Prize 2024. This initiative allows customers to shift shipments towards more environmentally friendly transport options, utilizing rail for long-haul segments and flexible truck services for first and last-mile deliveries. With enhanced data transparency, users of Transporeon’s platform can now track their shipments in real-time and calculate greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability goals. This move underscores the commitment of both companies to provide efficient and eco-conscious logistics solutions, in line with European Union objectives to double rail freight traffic by 2050.

(PRESS RELEASE) ULM/VIENNA, 11-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — In a significant move toward advancing sustainable logistics solutions, Transporeon, a Trimble company, and ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG), a premier rail logistics company, have announced an expansion of their collaboration. This development follows the joint recognition received by the companies at the Austrian Logistics Prize 2024, conferred by the Austrian Logistics Network Association (VNL) on 5 June.

The enhanced collaboration provides customers with the opportunity to transition their shipments to less CO2-intensive rail or multimodal transport chains. These chains involve rail transport for the long haul, complemented by flexible truck services for the first and last miles to and from customers’ desired locations. Building upon a successful pilot program, the partnership has now broadened its scope to encompass eight new routes spanning various rail and multimodal corridors:


  • Belgium – Western Turkey
  • North Rhine-Westphalia – Western Turkey
  • Central Hungary – Western Turkey

Central Europe

  • Lower Saxony – Veneto
  • North Rhine-Westphalia – Veneto
  • Eastern Austria and Hungary – Veneto

East West

  • Central Serbia – North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Western Romania – Belgium

Moreover, users of Transporeon’s transportation management platform can now benefit from enhanced data transparency for RCG transports, including real-time visibility and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculation. Through telematics, shippers can track their rail shipments in real-time via the Transporeon platform, while also obtaining CO2 emissions footprint calculations in line with CountEmissionsEU standards.

Nestlé Hungary, in its ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, is actively exploring the potential of multimodal transport. Zsolt Zahucki, DC manager for Nestlé Purina factory in Bük, Hungary, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in aligning with emission reduction objectives. Zahucki stated, “Through our collaboration with Transporeon and RCG, we are exploring the potential of multimodal transport as a lower-emission solution.”

Christopher Keating, senior vice president of Trimble Transportation Europe, highlighted the evolving demand for decarbonization and the importance of integrating rail and multimodal solutions seamlessly within supply chains. Keating expressed optimism about the collaboration with ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and announced plans to deploy a branded locomotive on the RCG network, symbolizing the strength of the partnership.

Clemens Först, CEO of Rail Cargo Group, reiterated RCG’s commitment to sustainability and increasing rail transport’s share in Europe. He emphasized the strategic focus on offering multimodal transports that combine rail’s sustainability with road flexibility. Först noted the significance of the collaboration with Transporeon in making these services user-friendly and seamless.

Today’s announcement builds upon the successful integration of RCG’s offerings and services onto Transporeon’s platform in March 2023, covering pilot routes between Germany, Austria, and Italy. It aligns with the European Union’s goal of doubling rail freight traffic by 2050, positioning Transporeon and RCG as key enablers of an integrated end-to-end supply chain for efficient rail and multimodal transports.

About ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Rail Cargo Group: the freight transport division of the ÖBB
As a leading rail logistics provider in Europe, we are shaping the industry. 365 days a year – 24 hours a day. Across Europe and beyond into Asia. With our presence in 18 countries, we connect people, businesses and markets – from the first to the last mile. It’s thanks to our 5,912 logistics professionals that 419,000 trains a year, respectively 1,150 a day, reach their destinations safe and sound. With our efficient end-to-end logistics services, we transport over 78 million net tonnes of freight each year. Operational management of the Rail Cargo Group lies with Rail Cargo Austria AG.

About Transporeon
At Transporeon, a Trimble Company, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world. We power the largest global freight network of more than 1,400 shippers and retailers and more than 150,000 carriers and logistics service providers. Every day they execute more than 110,000 transports on our platform and book more than 100,000 dock-appointments for loading and unloading. In the course of one year, roughly €55bn in freight is being processed on our platform.

Our leading transportation management platform connects all actors along the supply chain. It facilitates collaboration between the different parties, helps to automate manual processes and provides valuable real-time insights. The modular Application Hubs solve specific logistics challenges and range from freight sourcing over transport execution and dock and yard management to freight audit and payment. Data hubs provide insights into logistics operations, market developments and carbon emissions, next to ensuring transparency in the supply chain through visibility. Our platform works across all geographies and all modes of transportation, empowering logistics teams to move, manage and monitor freight.

Transporeon is headquartered in Ulm, Germany, and maintains 18 offices around the globe with over 1,400 employees across 27 countries. For more information, visit: www.transporeon.com

ÖBB has been shaping mobility in Austria for 100 years. As a comprehensive mobility and logistics service provider, ÖBB transported a total of 494 million passengers and over 78 million tonnes of freight to their destinations in an environmentally friendly manner in 2023. This is thanks to the electricity for trains and stations being generated entirely from renewable energy sources. With a punctuality rate of 95% in passenger transport, ÖBB is one of the most punctual railway operators in Europe. ÖBB invests more than 4.5 billion euros annually in railway infrastructure and its fleet as part of its drive to build a railway system fit for the future. Across the Group, over 43,000 bus and rail employees and about 2,000 apprentices ensure that around 1.4 million passengers reach their destination safely every day. ÖBB is the backbone of the Austrian public transport system and, as Austria’s largest climate protection company in the mobility and logistics sector, gets people and freight to their destinations safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. The strategic lead company of the group is ÖBB-Holding AG.

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