“Spoken Word ‘Human Together’: A Relational Economy.”

“Spoken Word ‘Human Together’: A Relational Economy.”

(IN BRIEF) Sallux, a political think tank, has introduced “Human Together”, a vision for a healthy economy that serves society and the environment, rather than solely serving shareholders. The current economy is reaching its limits, causing harm to the environment, decreasing the middle class, and making it difficult for the poor to build a meaningful life. Sallux believes the economy should serve people, not dictate society for the benefit of a few. The idea is rooted in the principle of human dignity, shared by all, and aims to promote unity and inclusion, replacing individualism and opportunism. The vision calls for a relational approach to tackle issues such as climate change and create a liveable future for all. The message is being spread through a spoken word presentation and Sallux hopes to engage a wide audience with its ideas and publications.

(PRESS RELEASE) AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands, 3-Feb-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Political think tank Sallux presents ‘Human Together’, a vision on how a healthy economy could look like. Sallux means “Salt and Light”. They want to highlight a relational economy as alternative to the current system and through that approach also build bridges in our divided society. Instead of an economy that serves shareholders we need an economy that serves our world, both people and planet.

The spoken word is brought to you by Remco & Mireille de Zwart. This creative expression of the ideas on our economy can be summarized as follows: “We as human beings are in this together.”

Link youtube premiere 5 February 2023, 12:00AM: https://youtu.be/v-p1Lq3MZ80

The way our economy has been shaped and has evolved during the last decades, is reaching its boundaries on multiple levels: Our environment is being harmed, the climate is changing, middle classes are decreasing, and the poor stand no change to build a meaningful life. The extreme profits of energy giants that are paid out to shareholders stand in extreme contrast to the real needs that the economy is meant to provide for.

It is Sallux’s belief that the economy should be helping society, and not dictating it for the benefit of a few people. The economy should be serving the people, and not the other way around. It is a powerful call for unity and inclusion, and a reminder that we are all human beings together. As humans we share a common history, and together we need to create a common future. We share our common human dignity, the foundation of the European Union. Sallux sees this principle rooted in Christian faith and at the same time people of all faiths and none can embrace a relational understanding of human dignity. This is the core of an alternative for the current approach that has such a negative impact on all of us.

We need this different voice instead of the individualism and opportunism that are still so dominant. When constant crises fill the headlines it is so important to point to a new vision that can drive solutions. Sallux believes a healthy and social society can be build through united efforts. A relational approach to climate change can build bridges between left and right as we all need a liveable future. We all need an economy that is about life. We all need creation instead of extraction.

Through this spoken word Sallux aims to present this relational vision to a wide audience and share its ideas and publications with anyone interested in this approach.

Editor’s note:
Sallux can be contact in the following ways:
Contact person: Johannes de Jong
Phone: +31 (0)6 10763632;

Music production: Peter Warnaar van der Stouw (Mateo Media);
Text and Spoken Word: Remco and Mireille de Zwart;
Creative director and text: Jair Sagström;
Creative director, text, video & audio: Wilbert de Goei;
English Translation: Robbert Bleacher;
Light programming: Giovanni Veldhuis.


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