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Over the past ten years, device ecosystems have become the main business model of all the largest companies in the world. We quickly got used to delegating various tasks to electronic devices and can no longer imagine our life without them. Together with Canyon Accessories, a European brand of mobile and PC accessories, smart gadgets and gaming solutions, we understand how ecosystems have become a global trend and what their benefits are for users.

(PRESS RELEASE) AMSTERDAM, 21-Oct-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Smartphone manufacturers were among the first to understand the benefits of a platform approach to business. Previously, in addition to an attractive design, quantitative parameters were a key criterion for choosing a new phone. First echelon brands competed with each other and tried to produce devices with maximum power and image and sound quality, but minimum in weight. Increasing the indicators did not give a new user experience: a slightly better camera, or now there are not one, but two or three, a slightly faster action and more user settings. For the sake of this, buyers are not ready to update their smartphone every six months.

Consumer behavior has changed. They are interested not so much in the characteristics of the device as in the presence of a familiar set of applications and services, an intuitive interface and, most importantly, the convenience of smartphone interaction with other devices. The smartphone itself has acquired a significant number of additional gadgets, united in an ecosystem, where the functionality of individual devices is maximally revealed in their bundle and provides additional benefits.

First of all, you can connect the most obvious gadget to your smartphone – this is a smart watch. Modern models not only show the time, but also control the pulse, calculate the level of oxygen in the blood, record the load by optimizing it for different sports, track sleep. Notifications are duplicated on the smartphone and on the device. And the Canyon Salt SW78 has the ability to control the camera and music on your smartphone directly from the smartwatch screen.

Wearable gadgets, which include smartwatches, are a great example of the gradual emergence of the “Internet of Things”. The emphasis is on interaction with other devices. For example, if you want to listen to music, but the smartphone has signaled a low charge, the watch allows you to connect a headset directly to play tracks without a phone. A couple of movements on the watch screen – and the compositions downloaded the day before played in the headphones. Touch controls on the Canyon TWS-3 earbuds will allow you to pause or start music playback, and a long touch will launch the voice assistant. You can also answer a call by touching the headphones.

Or you arrive home from work and want to switch the music you listened to on the road with headphones to a wireless speaker – without an associated ecosystem, these are several different actions on the phone: stop music, turn off headphones, connect a new device, start music. But we strive to optimize even such simple processes – after all, they form our quality of life.

It is also possible to use devices throughout the day and not be afraid of a discharged battery. For example, the Canyon PB-2001 power bank allows you to charge two devices at the same time, and has a maximum capacity with a fairly compact size. The battery automatically detects all types of devices being charged and adjusts the output current based on the device’s unique requirements.

“Ecosystems work on the principle of high gastronomy: the ingredients themselves also function, but they truly reveal their properties in conjunction. Thoughtful user behavioral scenarios create seamless interaction with the entire arsenal of personal electronics,” comments Dmitry Romanenko, Business development Director Canyon Accessories.

Modern devices have a lot of interesting features, but often, in order to reveal them, it is necessary to build a single ecosystem of gadgets. It doesn’t matter what attracts you more: virtual reality, fitness, work – they have already come up with special devices for you that are synchronized and controlled from your smartphone with just one touch. Spot improvements in quality of life through the use of smart devices may not be all that impressive. But saving two to five minutes, multiplied by dozens of daily household and work tasks, together creates a stunning effect of improving the quality of life. And, most importantly, it saves the most important resource – time.

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