Canyon Accessories: Accumulation of market trends and open relationships with partners – the key to success

(PRESS RELEASE) AMSTERDAM, 19-Jun-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — The global scenario for the development of the market for household electronics and related products is changing a rapid pace. It is expected that in the coming years it will gain momentum. The construction of a successful brand requires identifying the channels of sales and the development of relations with partners who will help to quickly penetrate new markets, expand geography and get significant income.

The state of the market of consumer electronics and accessories

It is predicted that the revenue in the segment of consumer electronics in the countries of Eastern Europe will reach 11.82 MDD euros in 2022. The annual growth rate of revenue will be 13.32% (CAGR 2022-2025), as a result of which by 2025 the market volume will be 17.20 billion euros. It is also expected that by 2025 the number of users will reach 85.4 million users, and the average revenue per consumer (ARPU) will be 161.98 euros.

«Consumer tendency to improve their devices with additional accessories is another trend that will have a positive impact on the market and ultimately lead to the emergence of more advanced and multifunctional consumer accessories», – comments Business Development Canyon Accessories, Dmitry Romanenko.

According to various statistics, the share of gadget accessories today is about 5-7% of retailers’ revenue from the sale of various devices (phones, smartphones, tablets, accessories), and the average margin of accessories is higher than mobile devices.

In conjunction with a partner

The understandable and predictable conditions of cooperation that the manufacturer create is helped by the partner with a partner truly «mutually beneficial». It is not enough to lure partners with attractive bonuses, discounts or purchase prices. It is necessary that in any economic conditions and under any exchange rate, the rules of the game remain unchanged.

Canyon Accessories is a leading brand of accessories for the consumer electronics market in Eastern Europe. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of services, including brand management, marketing and advertising support, logistics and solutions for shops and end consumers, the company plans to increase its market share in the coming years.

The Canyon brand seeks to provide a partner not a set of goods, but a ready -made solution to those needs that a partner may not even be ready to formulate. For this, a brand command was created, capable of capturing and accumulating various trends and selecting a portfolio of products necessary for the implementation of a long-term cooperation strategy.

«Canyon Accessories, as a strong market player among B-brands, is interesting to the totality of our products, we consider it as a single ecosystem for a partner. For example, a personal computer always has accessories that surround it: a keyboard, a mouse, speakers and various peripherals. All these are elements of the ecosystem, what surrounds the PC. This is a new reality of business, so we brought to Europe markets the whole spectrum of products: from mobile and PC accessories to gaming devices and wearable devices to position Canyon brand precisely as an ecosystem supplier. Canyon partners can always count on recommendations on the assortment and business development issues», – said Business Development Director Canyon Accessories, Dmitry Romanenko.

Creation of current products in the focus of the market participants

The market of accessories for household electronics is very fragmented, and there are many players on it. Their main attention is focused on satisfying the needs of their consumers and maintaining their loyalty by developing relevant products with high -quality functions.

The dynamic growth of Canyon Accessories business is based on following world trends in your industry. The decisive factor is the timely development of relevant products, which allows you to achieve the update of the product line at the moment necessary for consumers. In order to hold its position, the Canyon brand not only keeps up with market trends, but also overtakes them. The brand command conducts regular surveys among consumers and uses the Social Listening tool to introduce the necessary innovations in the product line and improve devices.

«We realized that the consumer goes online, so we also redirected most of our forces to the Internet environment. Our goal was also to make sure that we not only give consumers information about our proposals, but also receive feedback. Over the past few months, we have realized that consumers want to communicate with us, actively participate in the development of the product, leave us their reviews and generally want to feel more involved, which is why we increased the number of bilateral communication channels with the consumer», – comments Marketing Director Canyon Accessories, Elena Tokar.

SOURCE: Canyon Accessories



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