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SAP Joins Stanford University’s HAI Corporate Affiliate Program to Advance Ethical and Trustworthy AI

(IN BRIEF) SAP SE has become a member of the Stanford University Human-Centered Intelligence (HAI) Corporate Affiliate Program. This collaboration will support Stanford HAI’s research, policy, and education initiatives focused on the responsible development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). … Read the full press release

El software de vanguardia de SAP para acelerar la transformación digital de Henkel

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) Henkel y SAP han unido fuerzas para impulsar la co-innovación digital con el fin de acelerar la transformación digital de Henkel. Esta asociación implica la implementación del software SAP S/4HANA y la transición completa a la nube, … Read the full press release

SAP’s cutting-edge software to Accelerate Henkel’s Digital Transformation

(IN BRIEF) Henkel and SAP have joined forces to drive digital co-innovation in order to accelerate Henkel’s digital transformation. This partnership involves implementing SAP S/4HANA software and transitioning fully to the cloud, allowing Henkel to access the latest digital innovations … Read the full press release