Egis Oversees Capital Repair of Bridge Crossings in Eastern Ukraine

Egis Oversees Capital Repair of Bridge Crossings in Eastern Ukraine

(IN BRIEF) Egis experts are playing a crucial role in supervising the technical aspects of capital repairs for several bridge crossings in the Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv regions of Ukraine. One of the severely affected bridges across the Desna River in the Chernihiv region was partially destroyed during the initial days of the Russian invasion, disrupting local transportation. The bridge is a key connection for settlements towards Meny, Sosnytsia, and Kyiv. Currently, the experts are overseeing the installation of new piers and spans on the existing foundations, as well as conducting comprehensive repairs, anti-corrosive protection, and waterproofing measures. This project is one of many where Egis is involved, including supervising repairs for other bridges and overpasses in the region. The extensive repairs are being conducted in line with project specifications, building regulations, national standards, and cost control, with the support of the state budget.

(PRESS RELEASE) GUYANCOURT, 29-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Three piers of one of the bridges across the Desna River in the Chernihiv region were blown up during the first days of the russian full-scale invasion. The bridge connects the settlements in the direction of Meny and Sosnytsia, and over there is a direction of the motorway to Kyiv, so the local residents had no possibility to go across the river. Detour through the town of Korop or the city of Chernihiv takes about 200 kilometers. After the destruction of the bridge, food to the other bank of the Desna River was delivered with the help of the ropes. During the spring flooding, the locals went to the ladder on boats.

Now, instead of ruins, there are new piers and spans, they are installed on the old foundations. Pre-cast monolithic crossbars and beams have been assembled. Apart from the reconstruction, the whole bridge is subject to the overhaul.  The load-carrying structures of the part that survived are fully preserved. Experts also deal with anti-corrosive protection, the repair of concrete surfaces, and metal surfaces with the subsequent painting, and the arrangement of all the water-proofing materials. The works began last year and are expected to be finalized in 2023.

This is only one of a number of other bridges Egis experts are working with. Among others: 2 bridges over the Zdvizh River, 2 bridges over the Teteriv River in Kyiv region, as well as supervision of capital repair work for the overpass on Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi road.

Within bridges repair project, Egis experts are ensuring control over compliance with project decisions and requirements of building regulations, national standards, and rules, as well as control over the quality, scope, and cost of works in accordance with the design and estimate documentation and regulatory and legal acts. The project is implementing with the help of the state budget.

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