Continental Launches AllSeasonContact 2 Tire: Enhanced Efficiency, Safety, and Driving Pleasure

Continental Launches AllSeasonContact 2 Tire: Enhanced Efficiency, Safety, and Driving Pleasure

(IN BRIEF) Continental has introduced the AllSeasonContact 2 tire just in time for the fall tire-changing season, promising improved efficiency, safety, and driving enjoyment throughout the year. This new all-weather tire addresses the typical challenges faced by all-season tires, particularly in winter and wet conditions, by incorporating innovative technology in tread design, rubber compound, and construction. It delivers better handling and shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads while increasing mileage by 15 percent and significantly reducing rolling resistance. The AllSeasonContact 2 is designed to be a resource-efficient and cost-effective choice for both internal combustion and electric vehicles. It features optimized treads for enhanced handling and driving pleasure, and its innovative Chili compound combines the best attributes of summer and winter tire compounds, ensuring driving safety in various weather conditions. Additionally, improved energy efficiency is achieved through reduced friction, making it an ideal choice for covering longer distances with less energy consumption.

(PRESS RELEASE) HANOVER, 27-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Just in time for the tire changing season in fall, the new AllSeasonContact 2 from Continental now offers even more efficiency, safety and driving pleasure for the entire year. “For the AllSeasonContact 2, we have successfully developed the technologies of the multi-award-winning predecessor model further and launched an even better all-weather tire on the market,” says Tobias Rahn, Product Manager Passenger All-Season Tires EMEA at Continental.

The key benefit of the new model: the usual challenges of all-season tires in terms of winter and wet properties have been resolved. An innovative mix of tread design, rubber compound and construction ensures even better handling and shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads. In addition, mileage has been increased by 15 percent and rolling resistance has been significantly reduced – without compromising driving safety. This makes the AllSeasonContact 2 a resource-efficient and economical all-season solution for internal combustion engine and electric vehicles.

Improved energy efficiency through less friction

Energy efficiency is equally important for all kinds of drives. The aim of all vehicle types is to cover the longest possible distance using the energy they have available. The rolling resistance of the tires has a major influence on this. To improve the energy efficiency of the AllSeasonContact 2, Continental has optimized the adaptive tread of its predecessor and developed the Smart Energy Casing. It uses a new material that leads to less friction inside the tire and in the tire carcass. Consequently, this reduces rolling resistance and increases energy efficiency.

Optimized treads for handling and driving pleasure

The new C-blocks in the tread of the AllSeasonContact 2 reinforce each other, making the tire stiffer. As a result, they provide better power transmission and increased wear resistance, which leads to more mileage. In addition, the stiff tread enables better handling and maximum driving pleasure on all surfaces.

For the AllSeasonContact 2, Continental has also used V-shaped blocks that end in open shoulder grooves. On wet road surfaces, the liquid is thus quickly removed from the tread, thereby making the tire less susceptible to aquaplaning. In addition, the new tread structure has a positive effect on handling in curves in all weather conditions.

Driving safety in all weather conditions thanks to innovative Chili compound

The rubber compound of the AllSeasonContact 2 is a combination of five compounds from Continental’s most successful summer and winter tires. Highly dampening softener technology in the tread ensure secure grip and precise steering response in cold, wintry road conditions. A new polymer composite offers better grip and short braking distances on dry and wet roads – even in warm summer weather. A newly developed flexible elastomer network also makes the tire more robust by adapting to the road surface, contributing to the higher mileage. With this particularly balanced compound called Chili Blend, the AllSeasonContact 2 is equipped for almost any weather condition.

Further information on the technologies of the AllSeasonContact 2

Tobias Rahn was involved in the development of the AllSeasonContact 2 as product manager for all-season and winter tires. In a video available here for editorial use, he describes the technical features of the all-season solution. In addition, Mr. Rahn is available for in-depth conversations or interviews upon request.

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