WPP: Grey Brazil’s president Walter Longo launches new book “Marketing and Communication in the Post-Digital Era”

An expert in communication and innovation, Grey Brazil’s president approaches the use of technology as a competitive edge

SÃO PAULO, 11-11-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Walter Longo, strategy and innovation mentor at Grupo Newcomm and president of Grey Brazil, is the author of “Marketing and Communication in the Post-Digital Era” (HSM Publishers). The work describes ideas, cases and especially concepts to inspire professionals working in the areas of marketing, branding and advertising.

“But this work may also interest managers in general, responsible for leading people in several different functions and that, for such, must master and understand the behavioral shifts that today affect society and its consumption habits,” Walter Longo explains. The title also hints at the book’s greatest theory. After all, in the middle of the technology-impact era, the world only talks about digital revolution.

Nonetheless, Walter Longo goes beyond, already waving the flag of what comes next: “what we will analyze is the fast migration of society to a first-time scenario: a moment in the world when what once was a novelty became a commodity and what fascinated or scared people is now commonplace”.

To the author, technology is no longer the privilege of few; it now permeates all of society. Therefore, if someone believes an effort should be made in his or her company to seize all opportunities of the digital era, rest assured they have missed them. What is coming now is the post-digital world.

The book is divided into three parts: the changes in the entrepreneurial world and society; the paradigms of the past that must be reviewed; and the main characteristics of the post-digital era and their impact in market decisions.

Career – one of the biggest specialists in the Country in communication and innovation, Walter Longo has already occupied the position of regional director for Latin America at Grupo Y&R and, in Brazil, president of Wunderman Worldwide, TVA, MTV and Grupo Newcomm Bates. The executive is also the strategy and innovation mentor for Grupo Newcomm, member of several telecommunication company councils, partner in several digital-media companies and writer of several publications. A business administrator with post-graduation from the University of Southern California (USC), Walter Longo is also the author of the books “Everything You Wanted to Know about Advertising and No One Had the Patience to Explain” (Ed. Atlas) and “Marketing in the Era of the Nexus” (Ed. BestSeller).

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Service: “Marketing and Communication in the Post-Digital Era” (HSM Editora).
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Walter Longo

Walter Longo

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