University of Birmingham and the University of Exeter to become part of The Alan Turing Institute

LONDON, 15-Jan-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — We are delighted to announce that two universities—the University of Birmingham and the University of Exeter— are set to become part of The Alan Turing Institute.

They will join our network of university partners, including Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Warwick and UCL, who were selected as founder members in 2015, and Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Queen Mary University of London, who we recently announced will join the Turing. The new universities will work with the Turing to advance the world-changing potential of data science and artificial intelligence, strengthening a growing scientific and industry network for data and AI research in the UK.

Following the growth of our network, the Turing will now enter a phase of induction as we assimilate the new partners into our research community. During this period, we look forward to working with the new universities and welcome further conversations about collaboration.

Sir Alan Wilson, CEO of the Institute, commented:

“In order to deliver on our ambitions to advance data science and artificial intelligence research, we need to enable the broadest possible collaboration across the sector.

“I welcome our discussions with Birmingham and Exeter about joining the Turing network, and look forward to working with all our partners and the wider data science and AI community to advance research, innovation and impact in these important technologies.”

University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Eastwood said:

“We are delighted and excited to be joining The Alan Turing Institute and contributing our data science expertise. We look forward to working with other leading universities to ensure the UK continues to make a significant contribution towards advancing the world-changing potential of data science.”

Professor Nick Talbot FRS, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Impact) for the University of Exeter, said:

“Our goal through working with the Turing is to help ensure that the UK leads the world in data science and artificial intelligence research. We look forward to joining The Alan Turing Institute and working with the partner network.”

Professor Paul Alexander, Co-chair of the Strategic Research Initiative in Big Data at the University of Cambridge (one of the five founding universities of The Alan Turing Institute), commented:

“The Alan Turing Institute has a critical role to play in driving data science and AI research in the UK.  Essential to its success will be growing collaborations across the scientific landscape. As a founder university of the Turing, we are delighted to welcome these two new partners into the network, and look forward to working with them to advance the world-changing potential of these new technologies.”

The new universities set to join the Turing network have been admitted based on the excellence of their research and its alignment with the Institute’s research interests, ability to bring new expertise and opportunities which add to the core strengths of the Institute and its existing partners, and are willing to contribute financially to the Institute.

Subject to signing a partnership agreement, it is anticipated that the new university partners will be working with the Institute to develop collaborative programmes of research from Spring 2018.


Find out more about the Turing’s plans to expand the university network and express an interest in engaging with the Institute.


Beth Wood
Press & Communications Manager, The Alan Turing Institute
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SOURCE:  Alan Turing Institute

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