Rovio Learning and Ivana Helsinki collaborate for the design of school clothes for Angry Birds Playground

Rovio Learning and Ivana Helsinki will twirl skirts at Slush

Espoo, Finland,  21-11-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Rovio Learning is proud to announce a collaboration with Ivana Helsinki for the design of school clothes for Angry Birds Playground. Angry Birds Playground is based on the Fun Learning philosophy, which is all about flow. Flow happens when we are at the optimal state of excitement, and it’s when we’re in that state that learning is most effective. Wearing clothes that let kids explore at ease is part of the solution.

“We at Ivana Helsinki wanted to design delightful clothes that are fun and inspirational to wear. Rovio’s Fun Learning philosophy is designed for life as are the Angry Birds Playground school uniforms”, said Paola Suhonen the Art Director / Founder of Ivana Helsinki.

“Love what you do! We are excited to cooperate with a Finnish design company Ivana Helsinki by adding fun clothing to the environment of playful learning. When children feel safe and comfortable they can enjoy learning that much more”, said Sanna Lukander, Vice President of Rovio Learning.

Media contacts
Rovio Learning: Leena Salmio,, tel. +358 50 525 2545
Ivana Helsinki: Pirjo Suhonen,, tel. + 358 50 347 6131

About Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the creator of Angry Birds™, is a global industry-changing entertainment media company headquartered in Finland that creatively combines digital with physical, breaking the boundaries of traditional content delivery. What started as a casual game in 2009 became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release. Today Angry Birds is not only the most downloaded game of all time, it is a worldwide known entertainment brand reaching out into publishing, licensing, animations, books and location based entertainment. Rovio’s animated Angry Birds feature film is slated for July, 2016.

About Ivana Helsinki
Ivana Helsinki is an independent art, fashion & cinema brand, delicately mending Slavic rough melancholy and pure Scandinavian moods. The balancing between white arctic summer nights and endless winter sadness. Eerie hovering isolation and intense starkness. Ivana Helsinki collections are like small ballads with charming, soulful and savvy tones.

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