Ramboll won “Ground Investigation and Monitoring Award” at the International Tunnelling Awards 2013

At the recent International Tunnelling Awards 2013, a team of innovative experts from Ramboll won the “Ground Investigation and Monitoring Award” for the “exceptional geotechnical consultancy work” on the Fehmarn Fixed Link project.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 04-12-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — On Tuesday 26 November, Rami Hammami, Head of Department of Geotechnics in Ramboll, received The “Ground Investigation and Monitoring Award” at a ceremony in London, celebrating world class tunnel work.

The award recognises innovation and excellence in site investigation, surveying and monitoring on tunnelling projects.

“It is an international recognition of both the team that has worked six years on the Fehmarn Belt project and our client Jens Kammer from Femern A/S, who has supported us during the project”, said Rami Hammami and continued:

“The award highlights the importance of thorough geotechnical investigations and of being able to map the ground accurately. Integrated geotechnology is one of our core competencies, and we are very happy to receive this award that confirms our world-class competences in this field”.

Bringing geotechnical investigations to the ‘next level’

The jury stated that:

“The scale of investigation work undertaken for this project was truly exceptional and the way in which the team approached the task set new benchmarks in the field of geotechnical ground investigation. The geotechnical consultancy services, as well as the innovation in the Fehmarn Belt project create focus on the importance of site investigations and brings geotechnical investigation to a ‘next level’ in a remarkable way”.

Rami Hammami gave his explanation on why Ramboll won the prestigious international award:

“We have a strong ability to tailor solutions and combine geotechnical disciplines in a way that creates great results and value for our customers. Our thorough understanding of the soil conditions and our ability to identify potential risks in early stages of a project give us an indispensable knowledge that give the client confidence in the findings and minimise potential for unforeseen ground conditions” he explained.

In addition, Ramboll was also nominated in the category ‘Tunnel Consultancy Firm of the Year’ and the category ‘Young Tunnels of the Year’ where Department Manager of Tunnels, Alun Thomas, was nominated.

In the Fehmarn Fixed Link Project, Ramboll is part of The Ramboll Arup Joint Venture.

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Rami Hammami
Head of Department – Geotechnics
Mobile +45 5161 6724
E-mail rmh@ramboll.dk


Ramboll won “Ground Investigation and Monitoring Award” at the International Tunnelling Awards 2013

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