Rabobank appoints Fred van Heyningen as Director-Elect of Food and Agri International

Utrecht, Netherlands, 3-4-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Mr Fred van Heyningen (52) will become Director-Elect of Food and Agri International at Rabobank effective July 2014. This has been announced by the Executive Board of Rabobank today. Van Heyningen will be responsible for realising the bank’s ambitions to be leading in banking services in the food and agri sector worldwide. Fred van Heyningen is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Westland. He is exceptionally well-suited to fulfilling this new role in light of the knowledge and experience he has gained in the internationally-orientated greenhouse horticulture area of Westland.

Fred van Heyningen began his career at Rabobank in 1987. He left the bank for a brief period in 1996 and then returned in 1999 to take up a position as Director of Business Banking at Rabobank Midden-Westland. In 2001, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at this bank, which merged in 2004 to become Rabobank Westland and one of the largest Local Member Rabobanks within the Rabobank Group. Van Heyningen fulfilled a key role in the merger process in his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has contributed to a number of activities, including the modernisation of greenhouse horticulture and innovation within the agri sector. He also holds a number of auxiliary positions, including serving as a board member at Greenport Holland and as a board member at VNO-NCW Westland (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers Westland).Fred van Heyningen is also a Supervisory Director of Rabobank N.A. in California. In this role he has gained knowledge and experience in the international food and agri sector that can vary by region in terms of size, customer needs and legislation and regulations.

Van Heyningen has a strong network both in the agricultural sector and in the Westland community. He also serves on the Economic and Innovation Committee of the VVD political party.

Fred van Heyningen will report to Berry Marttin, Member of the Rabobank Executive Board.


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