Promozione Alberghiera and MARR unveil operational plan to help hoteliers make a better use of the tax credit called The Holiday Bonus

Promozione Alberghiera and MARR unveil operational plan to help hoteliers make a better use of the tax credit called The Holiday Bonus

(PRESS RELEASE) RIMINI, 10-Jul-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — Italy’s largest hotels cooperative Promozione Alberghiera and MARR S.p.A., a major distributor of food products for out-of-home food consumption controlled by the Cremonini Group, have announced a solution aimed at helping tourist operators and hoteliers overcome the difficulties associated with the implementation of the tax credit called The Holiday Bonus.

Made available in the form of tax credit envisaged by art. 176 of Decree Law no. 34 of 19/5/2020 (Relaunch Decree) The Holiday Bonus is an opportunity that must be taken, used and optimised by all tourist operators, especially hoteliers.

This law initiative in some cases can be difficult to implement, because it makes the financial liquidity available only at a later date.

To solve this potential limitation to its application and thus favour the full and best use of the opportunity by as many operators as possible, PA and MARR have prepared an operational plan to be made available to all hoteliers of the territory and, on decision by and with the willingness of PA itself, not only to its own associates.

The main objective of this initiative is thus to ensure that all the operators contemplated in the law, and therefore the tourist structures, are in the condition to immediately be able to use the financial benefit deriving from the Holiday Bonus, thereby favouring the best possible response to the management, and consequently the expansion, of tourism in the territory.

On the basis of this objective, which immediately caught the attention of PA and MARR, both of which have always been very much aware of the needs of the Rimini area, an operational and management plan has been prepared.

Briefly, any tourist operator that receives the tax credit available through the Holiday Bonus transferred to it by its Clients, may immediately and entirely monetise it and use it as a form of payment for the invoices concerning the supply of products (food and non) purchased from the MARR Group.

The organizational and financial effort required is significant, but both PA and MARR believe that this could constitute a push in favour of tourism during this difficult year, which has in any event provided an understanding of how important collaborations and synergies are. This programme, based on collaboration between two main players in the area, is confirmation and proof of this.

Focus on Promozione Alberghiera

With more than 200 associate hotels, Promozione Alberghiera is the largest hotels cooperative in Italy. As such, it deals with providing promotional, formative and management tools to all of its associates. Through the subsidiaries, consortiums and brands created for specific purposes, it plays a key role in connecting the tourism and hotel business to the local territory and is present through purpose companies in the shareholding of most important companies in Rimini.

Promozione Alberghiera was founded in 1968 and its mission has been renewed over time with solutions capable of involving the various reference targets, from single operators to organized groups, from small and large businesses to all those who are looking for quality services, through a network of services.

Focus on MARR S.p.A.

Founded in Rimini in 1972, MARR is the leading company in Italy in the specialised distribution of food products for out-of-home food consumption, has been listed on the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange since 2005 and is controlled by the Cremonini Group.

Through an organization comprising more than 850 commercial staff, the MARR Group serves more than 45,000 clients (mainly hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and tourist villages) throughout Italy, with an offer including more than 15,000 food products, including fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, various prepared foods and kitchen and hygiene products. The company, which achieved total revenues of 1.7 billion Euros in 2019 and operates nationwide through a logistics and distribution network including about 40 platforms and over 750 vehicles, has always been based in the Rimini area.

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