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IQ Biozoom Innovates Non-Invasive Self-Testing, Empowering People to Self-Monitor with Laboratory Precision at Home

(IN BRIEF) IQ Biozoom, a medical technology startup, is developing non-invasive home diagnostics that allow people to measure the concentration of biochemical substances in liquid analytes like saliva, sweat, urine, or tears. Their technology integrates inkjet printing with advanced semiconductors, … Read the full press release

Merck and Inbrain Neuroelectronics to collaborate on next generation of graphene-based bioelectronic therapies for targeted treatment of chronic diseases

Innovation Center project of Merck aims to develop smart neurostimulators for targeted treatment of chronic diseases Second collaboration within the Bioelectronics innovation field of Merck focuses on increasing the selectivity and power efficiency of the device to enable energy intensive … Read the full press release