Mercedes-Benz Trucks leads European heavy-duty segment with 23 percent market share thanks to Euro VI compliance

  • Full Euro VI compliance: The Arocs rounds out Mercedes-Benz’ range of heavy-duty trucks
  • Actros, Antos, Arocs — specialized, environmentally friendly, and economical
  • Arocs to be launched on the market in mid-2013

Stuttgart/Wuppertal, 30-4-2013 — / — The Actros, Antos, and Arocs form Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ “A-Team” of heavy-duty vehicles, which began its successful career in 2011. The three star-brand trucks were consistently developed to meet the tough Euro VI emissions standard, which will reduce the limits for particulate and NOx emissions by more than 90 percent in the future.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has taken advantage of the changeover to the Euro VI standard to completely modernize its product range. Every last detail was closely examined, leading to the optimization of not only the powertrain but also the entire vehicle design. “Not only did we address this issue earlier than anyone else; we also viewed this obstacle as an opportunity,” says Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “As a result, our new trucks are cleaner, more fuel efficient, and more economical than any of their predecessors.”

The Actros, Antos, and Arocs are the specialists for their respective segments
To coincide with the changeover to the Euro VI standard, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is also presenting a new range of heavy-duty vehicles. The models are clearly tailored to their respective applications. As a result, customers will find it even easier to order precisely the vehicle that will benefit them the most. While the Actros is designed for long-distance haulage, the Antos is perfect for heavy-duty distribution transportation, and the Arocs for heavy-duty construction site use.

The three truck models make Mercedes-Benz Trucks the first manufacturer to offer a complete range of Euro VI-compliant heavy-duty vehicles. What’s more, comprehensive compliance was achieved nine months before the new emissions standard goes into effect. Although fitted with additional Euro VI-related components, the vehicles consume up to five percent less fuel than their predecessors. The trucks’ total cost of ownership is further optimized by longer maintenance intervals and very long service lives for the engine, transmission, and clutch.

Arocs to be launched on the market in mid-2013
The latest addition to the “A-Team” is the Mercedes-Benz Arocs, which will be gradually introduced to European markets, beginning in mid-2013. International journalists are currently testing the vehicle under extreme operating conditions in a 65-hectare quarry near Wuppertal, Germany.

The construction sector specialist will be launched with an unprecedented number of variants, enabling customers to choose from 15 different tractors, 18 flatbed trucks, 17 dump trucks, and 10 concrete mixers. In addition, there will be five different axle combinations, optional permanent and selectable all-wheel drive, and an all-new hydraulic all-wheel drive. The environmentally friendly BlueTec 6 engines are available in 16 different power ratings, ranging from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp).

Mercedes-Benz leads European heavy-duty truck segment with a market share of 23 percent
Customers from the construction sector already expressed great interest in the new Arocs at the truck’s world premiere in Munich in January 2013. “The Arocs is following in the wake of the successful Actros truck,” says Buchner. “Despite the debt crisis, we further expanded our lead in Europe — and in Germany, we significantly improved our position as the Number One.

In 2012, we captured a 23 percent share of Europe’s heavy-duty truck market, putting us even further ahead of our competitors. With a market share of 19.4 percent, we are also leading the way in the hotly contested tractor segment.”

This success is mainly due to the early availability of extremely competitive vehicles featuring Euro VI technology. Around half of the customers in Europe are currently ordering Actros or Antos trucks with BlueTec 6 engines. In fact, the equivalent figure in Germany is even 75 percent. The A-Team is an important component of Daimler Trucks’ global module and platform strategy because all three vehicles are built on the same platform. The new Mercedes-Benz trucks benefit from the company’s global development resources, more efficient production operations, and lower manufacturing, development, and investment costs. As a result, Daimler can generate synergies and economies of scale.

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