Belgacom launches Becloud e-Commerce

Create your own professional e-shop with Belgacom Becloud e-Commerce

28-3-2013 — / — Belgacom is launching Becloud e-Commerce, a new product developed for SME and self-employed customers who want to offer products or services online but do not have the specific IT skills or a huge budget. The range of e-Commerce products enables the customer to quickly and easily create a fully-fledged online shop. Becloud e-Commerce is available from €20 per month.

Becloud e-Reservation

Becloud e-Reservation is aimed at companies that work with appointments or offer products or services that can be ordered.

Becloud e-Shop

Becloud e-Shop is aimed at companies that want to sell their products online and have them delivered to customers. This product is available in three formulas, with the price depending on the options included in the formula.

A host of options

The products contain a payment module option which allows Internet customers to pay for their purchases online via a wide choice of payment methods (credit card, Bancontact, Paypal, etc.), as well as a delivery module, which makes it possible for the purchases to be delivered. The customer can also personalize his website and make it more visible via newsletters, promotion tools, links to social media, and functions for stock management, delivery and billing.


All details and tariffs are on the website of Becloud

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