ALLPLAN unveils powerful solution for the parametric modeling of bridges

Parametric modeling of concrete and composite bridges with Allplan Bridge. ©ALLPLAN Infrastructure

  • Intuitive and time-saving creation of parametric bridge models
  • Total freedom of geometric design of the bridge
  • Design modifications implemented in minutes instead of days

MUNICH, 23-Apr-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — ALLPLAN, an international provider of open solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM), introduces Allplan Bridge. This powerful solution has been specifically developed for the parametric modeling of bridges. The initial focus points to the requirements of detailing concrete and composite bridges. It supports engineers from the first concept to the final execution plans. Thanks to the parametric description of the bridge model, bridge design is easier, faster and more flexible than ever before.

Allplan Bridge has been designed by proven experts from the ALLPLAN Infrastructure team. It has been specifically tailored to the needs of bridge construction engineers. Even complex geometries with a high level of detail can be recorded easily. In the first step, the user takes one or more axes from the road designer or defines these in plan and profile. In a second step, a typical bridge cross-section is created. In this process, dimensions and angles can be defined as variables. The variation of the dimensions along the bridge axis is described in a third step. This is conveniently done via tables or formulas. Based on this information, the exact overall bridge geometry is automatically and error-free calculated along the entire length. A complete detailed 3D model of a bridge based on a parametric description cannot be generated more easily or faster.

Changes made in no time

During the bridge planning process, design changes are a daily occurrence. Up to now it was usually very time-consuming to implement the resulting modifications of the digital model. In the worst case the model had to be completely rebuilt. With Allplan Bridge, design changes are no longer a problem. The parametric model description forms the ideal basis for this. Due to the model being described with governing parameters, changes are only made at one point and all linked elements are automatically adjusted. For example, if the geometry of an axis changes, the entire bridge superstructure is automatically adapted. Changes of a construction segment affect all elements linked with it. This means, for example, that also bridge piers are automatically placed in accordance with the new axis.

Smooth data exchange

In Allplan Bridge, geodetic data from road design (road alignment), as basis for construing the bridge axis, is generally imported via the open BIM platform Allplan Bimplus. The user must only accept the data and can immediately begin with the bridge design. In Allplan Engineering, the complete range of functionality can be used for further detailing, including prestressing, reinforcement, quantity take-off as well as drawing generation. The complete bridge model can also be passed to a structural analysis solution, directly from Allplan Bridge.

Easy to operate

Compared to parametric CAD software for mechanical engineering or traditional design in 2D, working with Allplan Bridge is very convenient and saves time. On the one hand, this results from the fact that functional scope, user interface and work processes have been precisely tailored to bridge engineering. On the other hand, parametric CAD systems from mechanical engineering may – under certain circumstances – react very sensitively. This means that several different solutions are found, or even no solution at all.

The parametric modeling in Allplan Bridge, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach, which ensures that the parametric model is clearly described and that there is exactly one solution in every situation. Another advantage lies in the efficient calculation of the resulting model. Even complex models are updated at the push of a button.

The software can be used on several screens simultaneously. It automatically adjusts its user interface to the respective monitor size and resolution and it is also suitable for use with particularly powerful high-resolution devices (4K/UHD with 3840×2160 pixels and more).

Allplan Bridge stores its information in a database to ensure that the data is always securely available during lengthy work processes. It continuously saves changes and automatically supplements the existing data. This virtually eliminates data losses.

From the model to the schedule

The parametric 3D bridge model generated in Allplan Bridge can be divided into individual construction segments. These can be transferred to Allplan Bimplus and linked with time-specific attributes. This makes it possible to describe and visualize a construction schedule.


Allplan 2018-1 with Allplan Bridge and a free 30-day-trial-license are now available for download.

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