Voluntary safety recall of E-bike batteries REVA

Šiauliai, Lithuania & Bielefeld, Germany, 25-3-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Baltik Vairas, the manufacturer of quality e-bikes and bicycles, made a decision to recall approximately 4100 units of e-bike batteries, produced by REVA GmbH. The manufacturer discovered that, if the manual was not followed precisely, the batteries can suffer from defective sealing, which could cause the conditions for the accumulation of moisture inside the battery and may, in turn, lead to self-ignition. Due to the fact that the battery supplier is bankrupt, Baltik Vairas takes its own responsibility to resolve this issue.

So far, Baltik Vairas has received 9 reports of battery ignition or overheating from customers customers in Denmark, Austria and Germany. As a result, Baltik Vairas took immediate action to stop fitting defective sealed batteries into e-bikes as well as informed all dealers to recall affected e-bikes from further sale.

The recall applies to e-bikes manufactured in Baltik Vairas from 2012 to 2014, which meet the following criteria:

  • e-bike models: Ruhrwerk, Panther, Göricke, Böttcher, Crosswave, D-Cycle, Ebsen, Kristall, EBIKE, Ultrasport, Spezi, MSA.
  • e-bike frame number ranging from 00022543 to 00049980;
  • e-bike fitted with REVA battery models No 03500-00351;
  • battery number is:
ANBD00305G ANBD03120G
BNAD00856H BNAD04316H
Voluntary safety recall of E-bike batteries REVA

Voluntary safety recall of E-bike batteries REVA

Various e-bike dealers sold recall impacted e-bikes from January 2013 through December 2014 in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Lithuania.

Consumers, who have recall impacted e-bikes, should stop using these e-bikes immediately, ensure they are removed from their house / garage and are left in open air / outside and register their case at the dealer or at Baltik Vairas webpage.

REVA GmbH, the producer of defective batteries is out of business due to bankruptcy and cannot be contacted. However, the consumers can register their e-bike battery case on www.baltikvairas.lt/battery-recall/ from the 1st of April to the 1st of July (3 months in total). Baltik Vairas will contact consumers the latest in order to organise the repair of defective battery.

Please follow up the updated / additional info on: www.baltikvairas.lt

Peter Ferlev Jensby, CEO
Virgilijus Ročius, Quality Manager
Baltik Vairas UAB, +370 41 599110, info@baltikvairas.lt
BV Cycles GmbH, +49 (0) 521 986370-0, info@bv-cycles.de

Media contacts:
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E-Mail: povilaite.d@baltikvairas.lt
Address: Pramones g. 3, Siauliai, LT-78138, Lithuania

Baltik Vairas UAB today is a largest bicycle & e-bikes manufacturer in Northern Europe, located in Lithuania (Šiauliai). Operating since 1948, the company exports top-quality bicycles all over Europe. Manufacturing capacity of 6 lines, up to 1700 different models, capacity to deliver up to 500 000 bicycles annually. Bicycles are exported to 14 countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. There are 320 permanent employees in the factory while in the season peak time the number of people employed exceeds 600. For more information please visit www.baltikvairas.com.

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