TeffLand Introduces New Line of Flour: Improving on Wheat’s Deficiencies With 30% More Vitality

TeffLand Teff Grains and Flours

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 15-Feb-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — TeffLand has launched new lines of grain and flour for the popular Teff cereal. The new products maintain all of Wheat’s advantages and none of its disadvantages. Unlike its Wheat counterpart, Teff flours make for protein dense meals, equipped to combat the rising blood sugar related diseases around the world.

The move is in line with TeffLand’s renowned commitment to societal health development, which include the promotion of healthy diets and lifestyles, and reducing the effect and prevalence of allergic flour products.

The new lines include Teff Grain and processed Teff Flour, both of which come in Ivory and Brown packages. White or Ivory Teff has the mildest flavor, while its Brown variety has an earthier taste. Together, they cut down on sugar by up to 40% without adding artificial sweeteners, and are particularly suitable for individuals dealing with weight issues.

Although it is a relatively new entrant into the market, there is already a high adoption rate as more distributors are queuing into TeffLand’s supply chain. Regarding the taste, the outer layer of the product touches taste buds first, each take offers a sweeter flavor to begin with, meaning people can get used to the difference as demonstrated by a recent survey of Cereal Lovers.

With less sugar and no artificial sweeteners, this is a long awaited solution to the needs of individuals who require dietary fibers in their diet to help manage their weight and blood sugar. It is rich in fibers and long-chain carbohydrates creating a reservoir of prebiotic energy rather than the easy-in-easy-out carbs.

“We aim to help people achieve a healthier living, and that begins with a balanced diet”, says Owner and CEO of TeffLand AB, Delina Amanel Tekela.

“Whether you’re in the mood for some fluffy pancakes in the morning, or if you just want a thick, creamy soup on a cold night, you can never go wrong with Teff. Just replace any flour in your recipe with Teff flour for a scrumptiously healthier alternative.”

More information is available at: www.teffland.com

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