EnBW and LevertonHELM Forge Alliance for Sustainable Lithium Production to Power European Electromobility

EnBW and LevertonHELM Forge Alliance for Sustainable Lithium Production to Power European Electromobility

(IN BRIEF) EnBW and LevertonHELM have successfully collaborated on a project to produce high-purity lithium carbonate using direct lithium extraction (DLE) from thermal water at EnBW’s geothermal power plant in Bruchsal, Germany. LevertonHELM processed the extracted lithium chloride solution to battery-grade standards. This achievement marks a significant advancement in Europe’s efforts to establish a sustainable supply chain for lithium, crucial for electromobility and energy storage. The partnership aims to further develop local lithium resources, reducing Europe’s dependency on imports and supporting the region’s energy transition goals.

(PRESS RELEASE) HAMBURG, 22-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — EnBW and LevertonHELM have achieved a milestone in sustainable lithium production, marking a significant step towards bolstering Europe’s electromobility sector. The collaboration has successfully produced lithium carbonate with purity exceeding 99.5% through direct lithium extraction (DLE) from thermal water at EnBW’s geothermal power plant in Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg. LevertonHELM, a subsidiary of HELM AG, further processed the extracted lithium chloride solution at its facilities in the UK, ensuring it meets the stringent requirements for battery-grade materials.

Following this successful demonstration, EnBW and LevertonHELM have committed to expanding their partnership. Their joint efforts aim to advance the sustainable production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide locally, catering to the increasing demand for these critical materials in electromobility and energy storage applications across Germany and Europe.

Dr. Thomas Kölbel from EnBW highlighted the importance of energy storage technologies for the energy transition and emphasized lithium’s pivotal role in advancing electromobility and renewable energy solutions. The collaboration with LevertonHELM is seen as a strategic move to harness regional resources and establish a sustainable supply chain for lithium.

According to Bart Vanden Bossche, Commercial Director at LevertonHELM, projects like this are crucial for Europe’s resource independence and align with the EU’s energy transition goals. LevertonHELM’s expertise in lithium processing combined with EnBW’s proficiency in DLE and geothermal energy positions the partnership to drive significant progress in localizing critical raw material production.

Stephen Elgueta Wallis, Vice President Energy Materials at HELM, underscored the project’s role in strengthening HELM’s footprint in Europe’s lithium-ion battery supply chain. The initiative reflects HELM’s commitment to advancing lithium processing capabilities to reduce Europe’s reliance on imports.

Laura Herrmann, Project Manager Research and Development at EnBW, emphasized the environmental benefits of extracting lithium from geothermal water, highlighting the opportunity to utilize local resources sustainably.

This collaboration signifies a substantial step forward in Europe’s efforts to secure a sustainable and local supply of lithium, supporting the continent’s transition towards cleaner energy solutions.

About EnBW

With a workforce of over 28,000 employees, EnBW is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. It supplies electricity, gas and water together with infrastructure and energy-related products and services to around 5.5 million customers. In the company’s transformation from a traditional energy provider to a sustainable infrastructure group, the expansion of renewable energy sources and of the distribution and transportation grids for electricity and gas are cornerstones of EnBW’s growth strategy and the focus of its investment spending. By 2030, EnBW plans gross investments of €40 billion, around 90% of which will be in Germany. EnBW aims for renewables to account for over half of its generation portfolio by as early as the end of 2025 and to phase out coal by the end of 2028. These are key milestones on the way to the company being carbon-neutral by 2035.



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