Belgacom Web Experts: winners of the month February

Another month, another Web Experts winner! This month, too, many students and schools/associations submitted their Web Experts projects to be chosen as project of the month. And here are the winners…

29-3-2013 — / — This month, Clara wins a Samsung tablet because she taught her grandfather tos end and receive messages via video-conference. This way, they can now see and hear each other more often. Congrats, Clara!

The students of the Profondsart school started using tablets in class 3 months ago to learn how to search, write en send messages (correct?). Soon they decided to share their new knowledge with their grandparents. Together they discover multiple applications liek Youtube, Facebook,…. The grandparents were so excited they swore their next buy would be a tablet! Congratulations to the students of Pronfondsart school with your € 1,000 prize!

About Web Experts

Web Experts is an initiative to encourage youth to teach their family the ropes of the digital world. Today’s youth often already know a lot more about it than the older generations and are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

About the digital divide

Did you know that 10 years ago only 360,000 Belgians had a broadband connection? Today, they are 3.5 million! In other words, almost three-quarters of Belgian households surf at high speed.

But there is still a digital divide today: 14% of the Belgian population has never used the Internet. Although this percentage is lower than in 2008 (26.5%), it shows that a gap still exists.

That is why Belgacom is launching projects such as Web Experts. Bringing different generations together is a very effective way of bridging this gap. With a little help, our children can enrich society enormously with their knowledge and enthusiasm!

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